Thursday, September 30

Another morning and another work outfit from me. I’m wearing S's H&M shirt and my favorite slacks. I found these in Portman’s last year for $30 and they fit like a dream. I love how they are high waisted and are cuffed around the ankle. Do you find it difficult to style outfits for work?
Back when I was a little shit and had an asymmetrical hair cut and wore LOTS of inappropriate clothing purchased mostly from second hand stores, I would have to buy a second wardrobe for work. Now that I have calmed down a tad and have normal hair I try and purchase pieces that I can wear on a daily basis and incorporate into my week day look. I also keep in mind a few “rules” when I get ready in the morning.

  • Throwing on a pair of heels with most outfits makes my look seem more formal.

  • Accessorize like a mad woman. A plain shirt and skirt can be dressed up with earrings or a scarf.

  • Plain white and black t shirts are a lifesaver and go great with lots of different cardigans, jackets and jewelry.

  • Straightening my hair and wearing it up makes me look more polished.

  • Wearing a blazer, belt and heels and sheer stockings with my favorite summer dress can turn it into a work piece. I do this with most my dresses.

  • Never wear any thing to short, sheer or tight.

  • For work I keep my eye makeup to a minimum. Instead I play up my lips or cheeks. Done up eyes seem to go down badly with my (male) boss.

Finally, I always stay true to my own personal style. When my work friends wear suits, I wear pants and brogues… you can always put your own spin to a simple outfit!

April Rose

Wednesday, September 29

Good Morning Sunshine.


I don’t get to see my family very often, they live in the country and my sister attends a boarding school down south, a good 5 hours away! They are up in Perth for the next week though and I have had the chance to spend some quality time with my 13 year old brother and also with my mum. Mum loves spoiling S and I and yesterday when I got home there was a mountain of groceries on our kitchen bench, fresh fruit, pasta, cupcake mix and even coffee and a coffee plunger! It sounds like a weird present, but when you live on a tight budget little delights such as a fully stocked pantry are very exciting!

Today’s outfit post features my favourite mug from the second hand store and freshly brewed coffee, courtesy of Mother Rose. I’m wearing no makeup so excuse the tired face, skirt from Tokito – Myer, Raglan from American Apparel; Shoes are from Barneys and necklace from Marc Jacobs.

April Rose

Tuesday, September 28

Farmer Jack.

This long weekend went so fast! With the shoot on Saturday and the Royal Show on Monday I'm feeling rather exhausted today. I finally got around to wearing and photographing my Andrew Kuo Googley eye tee which I wore with a pair of worn in Hard Yakka shorts passed down to me from my dads mate… What a skank huh, these shorts are tiny!

I’m not a huge fan of the show, but S and I went along to support my sister Eliza who is competing in various events throughout the week for her agricultural school. The event we caught yesterday was wool classing, in which each student judges various fleeces and determines which fleece is the best quality. Eliza won the event which means she will be representing WA in Adelaide next year! I'm a very proud sister. Did you notice the love heart on the side of her cow? cute huh.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

April Rose

Sunday, September 26

Baa Ram Ewe

Applying makeup professionally is a dream of mine and this weekend i had a small glimpse into my would-be career. Haylie Cook is an aspiring model who organised a shoot for her portfolio at the cuddly animal farm, about 40 minutes from the CBD. I was invited along to apply the makeup, do the hair and assist with styling, an amazing opportunity for me! It was a super long day, with our team working into the night to perfect each shot. We had to work around rouge bulls attacking our equipment, lots of animal poo and squirmy lambs. Once the pictures have been edited i will show you all, but for now here is a look into the day. Thanks Haylie, Joel and Matt for a great experience! 

April Rose

Friday, September 24

Westfield Insider

I had my Westfield Insider interview today. I arrived and hour early as usual and had to sit in Inalloo waiting anxiously until registration opened. I ended up wearing a silk blouse that I found heavily discounted in Witchery with black harem pants. The shirt was such a good find, it has unusual material paneling up the arms and chains draping across my front. I had to go to work straight after which Is why I was dressed a tad more corporate than the other girls and im not sure if that worked against me or not?
The other ladies and gentle man (I only saw one guy!) at the interview looked dashing, it was wonderful to see the effort people made. I can’t remember the name of the little lady who is pictured above but she looked superb in her glasses and cuffed trousers.

My only gripe with the process was the interview panel; we only had time for a one on on with a single judge rather than meeting them all. I was looking forward to finally meeting Emma from Dropstich but missed out on the opportunity! The next step is to create a video entry and upload it onto the website. Once my application is up there I’ll let you all know so you can check it out… Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

April Rose

Thursday, September 23

They could be described as hyperrealistic.

I just had to share these beautiful backstage pictures from London Fashion week. The prints on these dresses and blouses were lifted from old copies of Architectural Digest and World of Interiors… Amazing!!
To see more of Mary Katrantzou’s line go here or here.  

April rose

Better late than never.

I love Gorman. To be honest I don’t actually OWN any pieces but I like looking and touching and admiring from afar.Much to my delight you can find Gorman at Annex 100 in the city, something I only realised on the weekend. What? Some times I’m slow of the mark!

Gorman describe them selves as “A fresh, modern womenswear label" which I feel sums them up perfectly. They use organic materials and design wonderful staples in neutral easy to wear colours. Their current collection of clogs are to die for and after having a peek at this season’s line I feel Gorman capture a style that I often attempt to achieve, something along the lines of Quirky yet Simple.

In light of the westfield auditions i have put myself under allot of scrutiny this week, something that isn't good for a girls self confidence! I am having trouble describing my "style" and in turn have realised that at 23, i still don't have a definitive style that i can call my own. Until i figure it all out ill just keep one foot in each trend until i find something that fits. Quarter life crisis? Perhaps..

April rose

Tuesday, September 21


Short Shorts

This Friday I have my interview for the Westfield Insider. I'm super nervous because of the usual reasons, but I'm finding myself even more nervous because I cant find the one thing that will make my outfit complete, a pair of leather or pleather shorts. Perth has extremely limited resources when it comes to last minute shopping and I always rediscover this when I'm trying desperately to find one specific item.
Ive been tipped off by a fellow blogger ( thanks Neon Blonde) that my elusive shorts can be found at Cite, but a trip there on the weekend ended in disappointment. I don’t have the budget to just ‘pop over to sass and bide and grab the perfect pair’ and I only have three days until the event, so ordering online is out of the question. It’s my own fault really, I mean I was in New York last month… the Mecca of leather shorts, and if you though I would have got some there you thought wrong. I was too busy eating!
Ive decided that I will search super hard this Thursday, but in the event I don’t find these frickin shorts I will need a back up out fit. But a back up out fit is not possible when your mind is occupied with leather and tucked in blouses and cardigans and other such things. HUMPH.

April Rose

Sunday, September 19

Ding Ding!

This weekend S and i had our first Saturday in our new home, and after i was cooked breakfast we went for a long bike ride to explore the area. Ebony popped over for coffee and brought with her some beautiful flowers, she looks like she is walking down the isle in that picture! On Saturday night it was the birthday of my two girlfriends so we celebrated by making lurve to a bottle of gin and prancing around Ezra in our finest. Do you like my blouse? Mummy dearest gave it too me. Oh and i bought a new camera, its amazing, I've taken over 100 pictures in two days! Hope you all had a great weekend.

April Rose

Friday, September 17

Naaaww! S was snapped by Six Thousand the other night. He is wearing a Saint Augustine Academy Shirt and Opening ceremony jacket. Note the placement of the hands, he told me afterwards that he didn't know where to put them. Don't you hate when you have no where to put your hands in a picture? I do. haha it reminds me of that scene from Talladega nights.
Enough rambling from me now. Have a great weekend every one!

April Rose

Thursday, September 16


Just had to show you all. April Rose has been 'featured' on The Awkward Lean.
I dont know if i should be offended or proud.
Im going with proud.

Oh yes. I think I'm going to do it!
After lots of uming and ahhring I've decided I'm going to enter the Westfield Insider comp. Its an amazing opportunity to work for Westfield for 12 months and keep a finger on the latest trends hitting our local stores. I doubt i will make it through the selection process but its worth a try right?! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 14


Hi Guys!

I am alive, and im really sorry about the lack of posting around here. Ive finally moved into my new place, but we don't have the Internet hooked up yet. Once this is done, posting will resume as per usual. If you look to the right you can see that i have finally joined Twitter, so follow me! Tweeting from my phone is the only contact i have with you all at the moment so ill update there as much as i can.

Here are some more pictures from Popsicle, the first shot was taken by Kitta, check out her other pictures from the night here. The second shot was taken by The Velvet Bow, who is a celebrity here in Perth after she was featured on the news last night!  Oh and by the way... Mushy and S both love the sheepskin throw, all your comments must have convinced him!

April Rose

Friday, September 10

Product Review

mmmm i love me some samples! We received a goody bag from the Popsicle launch night and in it was this delightful Hydrating Gel supplied by Bella Hart. Bella Hart is a one stop online shop for all things beauty and is based in Perth, just what i like!
I have talked about oils and serums on here before, but never gels... I can see the difference between my serum and this gel when applied to my face, the gel is absorbed immediately and leaves no sheen, perfect for applications during the day, whereas my serum is an oil and seems to work well applied before bed.
Today i have been using the gel on top of my makeup, just dabbing a small amount with my pinky around my wrinkle/dry areas (my nose and crows feet) and i can see the difference. My skin looks plump and fresh, like i just woke up and my dry patches are gone. As i have super sensitive skin i will be keeping an eye out for any negative reactions to the gel, but so far so good!! If you would like to purchase a full size gel for $62 dollars go here.

April Rose

That's a bingo!

This week S and I went to the launch of Popsicle at PICA in the Cultural Centre. It was pissing down with rain and freezing cold, I was very proud of myself for breaking my ‘no drinks midweek’ rule and venturing outside in that weather! Oh it was a fun night; I had chats and drinks with Girl Friday as well as The Velvet Bow. I met some lovely bloggers who I am now following and I drank WAY too much.

Ive also been tagged for a blog award by the biggest cutey ever, Amy from Antlers Away, thanks Amy! I'm only going to tell you 5 things I like rather than the required 10, other wise you will be here all day. Also The Raven tagged me in a questionnaire this week and here are my very well thought out and detailed answers, pretty good for someone who was still nursing a fuzzy head.

10 Things I Like from Amy, Antlers Away:

I like him very very much.

I swear WAY too much. It was never that bad but my current work place has encouraged me to swear like a trooper. FOR FUCKS SAKE is my favourite phrase to utter. S knows to avoid me when he hears that one.

I like accessories more than clothes. Please don’t be mad at me! I like purchasing an outfit from the second hand store then blowing my dollars on jewellery, Bags and shoes.

Same goes for makeup. I plan my outfit around my face. If my face isn’t working the clothes won’t either.

I don’t eat red meat or chicken which limits what I can eat quite a bit… but I make up for it by eating EVERYTHING ELSE IN MY SIGHT. I get teased at work for my strange eating habits… today I had Eggs on toast for lunch and peanut butter on vita wheat for a snack. I don’t think that’s strange at all.

Questions from The Raven:

If you won $65,000,000 - what is the first thing you would do?

Fly my whole family to Victoria! My mums side live over there and we never see them enough. Then we would go from there to a holiday destination overseas… then S and I would move to New York!! Cripes I’m getting excited now.

Where in the world do you want to visit most?

At the moment I want to go to London and Brighton where all my friends seem to be.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

A horse! I grew up horse riding and would often day dream about prancing around with my horse, ‘Cobba’ haha

The city, the country or the beach?

City. I’m from the country and I dislike the beach. I’m petrified of waves

Your favourite genre of music?

Fever Ray, Foals, Yeasayer, Alpine, sleighbells, crystal castles, vampire weekend, SIA, Grizzly Bear, Hotchip, Angus and Julia Stone, Daft Punk, Cut off your hands, Phoenix, Caribou, Outkast, Ratatat... im not sure what genre this all is?

Your dream job?

Working in Beauty. Writing about it and applying it.

Your favourite book?

The chronicles of Narnia

Your favourite clothing item at the moment?

Hummmm My vintage wool poncho. It’s the only thing keeping me warm.

There you have it. Have a great weekend!
April Rose

Monday, September 6

The Goblin Queen.

Jennifer Hawkins doing her best Bowie impersonation for this seasons Myer catalogue.

April Rose


I came across Selective Potential while trawling the net the other night. Sometimes I feel like I am slow off the mark with certain blogs… other times I feel like I've followed them for years then BAM they hit the big time and every one knows about them.

The reason I'm posting about this lass is her hair. If I could shave it off and wear it as a wig I would be happy. This girl is after my own heart with her jumping pictures and Urban Outfitter shoes that i also own and love. All weirdness aside, these are the pictures I will be taking to the dresser next time I get my balayage redone. Mine seems to be more of a reddish brown towards the ends rather than the ash blond like Selective Potential.

My HD did explain to me that when applying a lightening product the outcome depends on the condition of the hair and any previous colour that is still in the hair. Fingers crossed that during my next appointment I can convince my hair to absorb all that darn bleach properly and produce the right tone. Come on hair you can do it!!

April Rose

Saturday, September 4


I think I'm blogging more since i said i wasn't going to... weird. Any wooo we are packing up the house this weekend, its horrible but is made bearable by dancing to Big Boi and drinking wine. 

Here i am wearing S's H&M shirt and a pair of blue Levis that i bought when i was 15. They were my first pair of "expensive" jeans i owned, mum and i bought them for my birthday. I don't wear jeans often but when i do they need to be SUPER comfy. After 8 years of wear these are well worn and are no longer skinny legged, more a straight fit. 

I'm also going to change the formatting of my posts to Justified, rather than centered. Its easier to position pics and  after continuously having to change formatting to justified at work, its second nature!

April Rose

Thursday, September 2

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