Thursday, September 23

Better late than never.

I love Gorman. To be honest I don’t actually OWN any pieces but I like looking and touching and admiring from afar.Much to my delight you can find Gorman at Annex 100 in the city, something I only realised on the weekend. What? Some times I’m slow of the mark!

Gorman describe them selves as “A fresh, modern womenswear label" which I feel sums them up perfectly. They use organic materials and design wonderful staples in neutral easy to wear colours. Their current collection of clogs are to die for and after having a peek at this season’s line I feel Gorman capture a style that I often attempt to achieve, something along the lines of Quirky yet Simple.

In light of the westfield auditions i have put myself under allot of scrutiny this week, something that isn't good for a girls self confidence! I am having trouble describing my "style" and in turn have realised that at 23, i still don't have a definitive style that i can call my own. Until i figure it all out ill just keep one foot in each trend until i find something that fits. Quarter life crisis? Perhaps..

April rose


Le Fanciulle said...

WHAT! A Gorman in the city? You're not the last one to find out, I am! This pleases me greatly, but my bank account...not so much. :)

Girl Friday said...

I love the Gorman in the city, I was coveting their blue suede lace up heeled boots for sooo long! My best friend brought me a pair of Gorman high waisted jeans back from Melbourne a couple of years ago and they are the best jeans! they still look brand new today. get on it! xx

April Rose said...

IIIIIIIII know! A gorman in the city.Who would have thunk it. Good to know im not the only one who didnt realise!

Girl Friday unlucky for me i have ZERO dollars after purchasing my camera. I can take pictures of the clothes but not buy them haha!

The Velvet Bow said...

Yess I love the Perth Gorman! I do think it is rather cheeky that they sell Hasbeens for so much though - they are $80 cheaper from the Swedish Hasbeens webstore inc. postage and only take 2 days to arrive! But yes they have some wonderful clothes and shoes.

One day when we are rich and famous we will have enough money my dear!

p.s Hope today is going well!!!

April Rose said...

waaah? $80 cheaper is redic!! Thanks for the well wishes love!

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