Sunday, March 20

Like a proud mother.

Little Gracie has a neat little write up and a big picture in the latest issue of Scoop, a West Australian based lifestyle magazine. The page is showing off a piece from the A/W 2011 range and i felt like a proud mother when i saw it!

Silly Mush Ball wouldn’t move when I was trying to take pictures to show you all. Silly cat.

April Rose

Thursday, March 17

Bright Eyes.

Life has been hectic lately. Last time i wrote something of substance I was unemployed and desperate for a job to help pay the bills. Well I now have a job and I’m paying the bills. I have a position at a local restaurant, the hours are hectic and I’m sore at the end of the day, but I’m also happy that I’m doing something and earning some dough. Its weird, ive gone from earning the highest salary in my working life to the lowest and im still happy. It makes me think I should have taken this step years ago when my excuse was, “I don’t mind that I hate my job, I’m just happy making money.” S found this shirt in a pile of crap in our spare room. Its one of the souvenir pieces we got during our trip to New York and Ive pretty much lived in it this week. My birthday is coming up super fast and in the whirlwind that is life I actually forgot! I need to start planning an outfit…

April Rose.

Sunday, March 13

Morning Light.

Getting up at 3 in the morning for a photo shoot was hard, but when the first rays of sun came through it was all worth it. We shot at a run down, slightly eerie location, and battled the freezing winds to hopefully capture some beautiful pictures.

April Rose
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