Monday, September 6


I came across Selective Potential while trawling the net the other night. Sometimes I feel like I am slow off the mark with certain blogs… other times I feel like I've followed them for years then BAM they hit the big time and every one knows about them.

The reason I'm posting about this lass is her hair. If I could shave it off and wear it as a wig I would be happy. This girl is after my own heart with her jumping pictures and Urban Outfitter shoes that i also own and love. All weirdness aside, these are the pictures I will be taking to the dresser next time I get my balayage redone. Mine seems to be more of a reddish brown towards the ends rather than the ash blond like Selective Potential.

My HD did explain to me that when applying a lightening product the outcome depends on the condition of the hair and any previous colour that is still in the hair. Fingers crossed that during my next appointment I can convince my hair to absorb all that darn bleach properly and produce the right tone. Come on hair you can do it!!

April Rose


Tara said...

I love Selective Potential! She & her husband are so cute together. I found it about a month ago & went through aaaall the archives, haha.

April Rose said...

haha i always do that with new blogs, i start from the first year and plough my way through!

The Velvet Bow said...

I came across her blog the other day with these pics too and I thought the same thing!

I am getting my balayage done tomorrow, yippee. Hopefully it goes well, I'm going to Head Studio where my sis just got hers done and it looks great.

Also it would be grand to see you at Popsicle! I am going on my lonesome as I got a media pass, so I won't know anyone there and will probably be feeling awkward. So yes, come hand with me and I would love to meet S! (And maybe find out his real name? hehe)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Thank you so much for the sweet post and compliments!! I'm so glad you like my hair! When you go to the salon, tell them you want "tipping" and it means just doing the two-toned hair. Hopefully it works for you!! :):)

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

ah ha! these are what i was looking for! i'm doing this to my hair next week and i needed more pictures as inspiration...these are wonderful


Abby said...

aw she is cutetown! I haven't seen her blog before, so thanks for the tip!


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