Tuesday, September 21



Amy Antlers said...

I MUST know where you got those pillowcases!

April Rose said...

Aren’t they pretty? S’s grandma got them from a store in Leederville but I think you can get them here too http://thirddrawerdown.com/shop/tag/third%20drawer%20down/

harbourmaster said...

Hello amazing squid ship pillowcases! I am getting tattoos that are creepily similar haha! Did you get them recently? Might be sending my mum down to leederville...

WrenRennard said...

Those pillow cases are fricken cool!

Thrive on Novelty said...

OMG your cat is soo cute!! Love your pillow cases xx

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Cotton Socks said...

cool pillowcases!
i think i never got around to telling you where the pizza place was from my blog!
sorry i am very slack!
it was from a foodcourt on hay st.
i think the building is called exon 100 or something like that?
the building that has jb hifi and safeway etc.
you go to the foodcourt upstairs and its in the corner on the right down near the windows.
they have heaps of flavours and they are sooooo yummy!!!!
amazing pizza for a foodcourt!

April Rose said...

Harbourmaster we got them a while ago now but i know they still stock third draw at the leederville store so there would be ones like it im sure..
Thrive, he is cute but a little shit. Right now he is gnawing on my foot!

Cotton Socks said...

Perth has some okay foodcourts!
I eat with D during his lunch break in them.
Mainly because I haven't found any nice cafes in the city yet.
Have u had burger edge? they have that in the foodcourt at exon 100.
i like the vegie burger with the olives and feta. mmmmm.

i wish i was in perth so badly!
i tried to book a flight to come over next week but its so damn expensive!
cheapest i could find was like $900!

glamourette said...

your cat is super cute! he has the same sleeping pose as my cat. nothing beats watching them sleep like 21hours a day. (or is it just my cat lols)

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