Tuesday, September 14


Hi Guys!

I am alive, and im really sorry about the lack of posting around here. Ive finally moved into my new place, but we don't have the Internet hooked up yet. Once this is done, posting will resume as per usual. If you look to the right you can see that i have finally joined Twitter, so follow me! Tweeting from my phone is the only contact i have with you all at the moment so ill update there as much as i can.

Here are some more pictures from Popsicle, the first shot was taken by Kitta, check out her other pictures from the night here. The second shot was taken by The Velvet Bow, who is a celebrity here in Perth after she was featured on the news last night!  Oh and by the way... Mushy and S both love the sheepskin throw, all your comments must have convinced him!

April Rose


Camilla said...


I was just wondering if you had an email I could send a great fashion blogging initiative to?

You can catch me on camilla@devahasdinpr.com.au



WrenRennard said...

Hehe - Glad you got the sheepskin!! Congrats on finally moving in to the new place, must feel gooood!

And Kathleen said...

I looove the sheepskin (and kitties seem to approve as well).

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