Saturday, September 4


I think I'm blogging more since i said i wasn't going to... weird. Any wooo we are packing up the house this weekend, its horrible but is made bearable by dancing to Big Boi and drinking wine. 

Here i am wearing S's H&M shirt and a pair of blue Levis that i bought when i was 15. They were my first pair of "expensive" jeans i owned, mum and i bought them for my birthday. I don't wear jeans often but when i do they need to be SUPER comfy. After 8 years of wear these are well worn and are no longer skinny legged, more a straight fit. 

I'm also going to change the formatting of my posts to Justified, rather than centered. Its easier to position pics and  after continuously having to change formatting to justified at work, its second nature!

April Rose


Abby said...

gosh! I wish I could still fit into jeans from when I was 15!!! That would be wonderful.

Big Boi is amaze!


Abby said...

heyyy, the lipgloss is by Revlon, super lustrous lip gloss in peach petal! It is wonderful! buy buy buy! I found my at kmart in Garden city.


April Rose said...

Rrrrrevlon! I love revlon! Thanks for the tip :)

ZEUS said...

ahhh hello there missy J, i almost didn't recognize you in your blog, how are you!? Im going to trawl through your archivess....

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