Thursday, July 29

 I got my balayage redone today and here is a dodgy web cam shot to show you all! 
For all perth girls i go to Sheer in West Perth. They were the only ones in Perth that knew what balayage was a few years ago and knew exactly what i was after today when i popped in.
Do you likey? 

 S has such a sweet tooth! His mums side of the family are American which has left him with a passion for candy, cake and anything with sugar. I on the hand, rather savoury than sweet, and found all the sugar in the states a bit of an overload!

 Look! 4D glasses and a matching swatch watch! 
We saw The Wizard of Oz in 4D, which meant there was smoke, and lights and even water and shaking seats. Exciting stuff. I'm at home at the moment, relaxing, unpacking and watching Sex and the City. Its fun, i keep recognising the streets and restaurants. What a dag! 

April Rose

Wednesday, July 28

Where to start? New York was smelly, loud, extravagant,excessive, friendly and fabulous. 
I miss it all ready!
One morning we woke up at 4.30 just because we were so excited to get outside and explore, we walked all the way to central park and watched the sun rise. 
The poofy skirt above is American apparel, it matches my rose necklace perfectly, i received so many compliments for both, American girls are so friendly! My trusty brown backpack was also a winner, especially with the masses of amazingly dressed gay men that flock to the city. 


When i was there I gots my nails did. Minx in the first few shots and then a few Manis afterwards. The manis were so much cheaper and more thorough in the states.
My minx was fun, but it didn't last too long which was disappointing, my polish lasted the same length of time and cost half the price! 
The ring i am wearing is from a flea market and the bag on my lap is my new Marc Jacobs. 
So i don't overwhelm you all with a gazillion pics ill do this in parts. Part two coming soon! 

April Rose

Tuesday, July 27

Got back from NYC today and i haven't slept for 2 days. 
I am losing my mind at the moment so ill start uploading some pics from the trip later on.
I misplaced my laptop mid trip which means i have 2 weeks worth of blog posts to catch up on!

April Rose 

Friday, July 9

The land of Make Believe


My necklace came in the nick of time! Yayzies. 
Its just as beautiful as i thought it would be. Each rose looks as though a real flower has been dipped in resin, its that delicate. Also how lovely is the little note? 
Get on it ladies.

Im jumping on a jet plane on Sunday so posting will be a tad slow until im set up and actually have some thing to take pics of. Also i think a post dedicated to on board beauty is needed. FRICK it was hard packing every thing i need in a puny little zip lock bag. 
I mean what do they want? Do they expect me to go without makeup for 2 days ??!?

I don't think so. 

To tide you all over and because i bet you are all dying to see him, here is mushy being cute. 
Gee whiz i will miss him.

April Rose

Monday, July 5

Campfire Stories

Every year my family holds a party on their farm. Its a chance to burn all the debris over the last year and for every one to turn a tad feral. It was minus two degrees when we lit this, and we were all heated within seconds. The dog always gets over excited and konks out with someone half way through the night. I like the contrast of the excruciating cold and the intense heat.

I also like packing. Which is what ive started doing tonight.
Packing gives me a chance to reflect on my most treasured pieces in my wardrobe. 
Items such as my sequins and second hand finds always bring a smile to my face.

April Rose

Friday, July 2


The Devil Wears Prada is about me.
Well a more Glamorous version of me.

 I'm a Personal Assistant and at the moment I'm looking after two directors.
Which equals late nights, stress, less blogging and quick easy outfits.
To make things worse one of my bosses could very easily be compared to Miranda Priestly...
I promise once I'm back home from the trip regular posts will ensue!
In other news, i don't think my make believe necklace will be getting here before i go away.
woe is me.

April Rose

Thursday, July 1

The King of Queens - Language Warning

S has been trying to get me to go to numerous hip hop shows over the last few years and i finally caved. Out of all the shows he offered, i chose Pharoahe Monch to pop my hip hop cherry. 
The Soulful Mr Monch is playing a show in his home borough of Queens, but we took the safer option and will see him play in Times Square. 
What to wear to a hip hop show while im singing along to the lyrics of Simon Says
"Get the fuck up, Simon says Shut the Fuck up!" 

April Rose
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