Tuesday, September 21

Short Shorts

This Friday I have my interview for the Westfield Insider. I'm super nervous because of the usual reasons, but I'm finding myself even more nervous because I cant find the one thing that will make my outfit complete, a pair of leather or pleather shorts. Perth has extremely limited resources when it comes to last minute shopping and I always rediscover this when I'm trying desperately to find one specific item.
Ive been tipped off by a fellow blogger ( thanks Neon Blonde) that my elusive shorts can be found at Cite, but a trip there on the weekend ended in disappointment. I don’t have the budget to just ‘pop over to sass and bide and grab the perfect pair’ and I only have three days until the event, so ordering online is out of the question. It’s my own fault really, I mean I was in New York last month… the Mecca of leather shorts, and if you though I would have got some there you thought wrong. I was too busy eating!
Ive decided that I will search super hard this Thursday, but in the event I don’t find these frickin shorts I will need a back up out fit. But a back up out fit is not possible when your mind is occupied with leather and tucked in blouses and cardigans and other such things. HUMPH.

April Rose


WrenRennard said...

Good luck finding your shorts lady!! Whatever you wear you'll look like a rockstar xx

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

if you cant find any i have a pair of stella forest leather shorts from Live you can borrow (they fit like the ones in the above picture but not so high waisted)! They are a size 8 (large 8 in my opinion) if that helps :)


Le Fanciulle said...

What about getting some awesome vintage leather pants (found in op shops around the place) and chopping and cuffing them??

April Rose said...

Simone and Chow you are adorable :)
Le Fanciulle ive left it too late im afraid, i have so much on at the moment. The thought did cross my mind though!

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