Sunday, May 30

An assortment of pics from this weekend. That's how mushy likes to sit when i try and use the laptop. Any silly mistakes are his fault. Had drinks at 399 Friday night wearing my favourite 'picnic rug vest' its warm and has tassels so i like it. Underneath i wore my slashed,poofy sleeved gauzy blouse. amazing. A shot of the Revlon Fuchsia lippy which as you should know by now i worship and my go to outfit for lazy days - Second hand Striped maxi dress, ASOS leather jacket and AA grey sweatshirt.
Was in Joondalup for a while on Sat and found this black dress at the local opshop. I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! It has an asymmetrical hem with gathering and exposed zips and is comfortable and i love it and i will wear it way to much over the next few weeks oh yes indeed!! I was trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather to show you the drapey goodness of the dress and i got distracted by musball. Oh he is toooooceeeeute!
Tonight we are meeting a friend for pizza and drinkies.
Hope every one had a marvellous weekend.

April Rose

Friday, May 28

Dry Poo

No i haven't gone grey. stop panicking. I've been meaning to do a dry shampoo post for a while but i figured every one knows about it. Then the other day a lady at work was complaining about her rank end of the week hair - sorry lady at work but it WAS rank- and i said "did you run out of dry poo?" I was horrified when when she told me she had no idea what i was talking about?!
So now im doing a dry poo 101 for all you ladies that have no idea how to use the poo or when to use it.
My favy is
Klorane. Its an old favy and most peeps use it. 12 - 14 bucks from most chemists and priceline. As i have dark hair you can see the dry poo when you first spray it in - DON'T PANIC Just spray all over (lift the hair up in pieces dont just spray on top). sit. let it absorb. read the paper. watch Sunrise. Then either brush your hair or rub it until the white is gone and your hair resembles normal non rank hair.

Next up is Bastiste i dont mind this one but im still stickin to my Klorane. Bastiste do a Dry Poo for Brunettes though which is a win if you are scared of the grey look. They also smell a bit prettier than the Klorane one.

About two years ago Klorane was it for us Aussies but now the list is humungo, Lee Preston, Toni & Guy, Klorane, Bastiste, RPR... You now have no reason to leave the house with 'i just worked out for two hours, im sick, its the end of th week, i cant be bothered, i got caught in the rain' hair.

April Rose


Tuesday, May 25


EEEEEEK!! how scary does she look here!? Geez Louise when was that ever in fashion?? Why is she RED? And where the hell are her eyebrows?

Thankgod she woke up one morning and actually looked in the mirror. Victoria now brings us pretty new hair updates every few months and with this new look she is so so... soft. I never thought id say that!
I love love love love love this new hair. Wasn't so keen on the shorter layered look that she was rocking a few months ago but this mid length shaggy semi curly look is on point. Note the soft highlights towards the ends?? It suits her skin tone so well and gives the hair some dimension. Argh growing your hair is hard when pics like this pop up!

April Rose

One of my favourite blogs Jeremy and Kathleen.
Kathleen posts beautiful pictures of her home that her and Jeremy have lovingly renovated and regularly updates with Vegetarian recipes, pictures of her two cats, her design work and shots of her very cool life. Blogs like this make me want to bake and paint. Oh and by a house.
Just because i dont want Boots to steal all the attention, here is Mushy falling asleep in front of Friends. He has such good taste in TV.

April Rose

Monday, May 24

Discount? Yes please!

I'm saving for New York so maybe i can live vicariously through your purchases?
Use the code BRRR at the checkout to receive 25% off Jackets, Vests and Cardigans from About a Girl.

April Rose

Sunday, May 23

I was meant to write a post about how i went to visit my Family in York and stayed on their hobby farm over the weekend. Buuuuttt as you can see S decided we should spend some time in the local hospital instead.

We did go to York and we did stay on the farm (cue cute doc pic) but S fell ill half way through our visit and ended needing a jab in the bum to ease his tummy. Poor boy.

In other non vomity news, i bought some bronzer.Nars Laguna to be precise and I do like it allot.
Like a silly duffer i had previously avoided this bronzer as i thought the slight shimmer would look terrible on my skin.WRONG. its such a soft, luminous shade and I've had fun wearing it to hospitals and farms and to dinner; that's how good it is, you can use it for any occasion. It also looks smashing with my new Fuchsia lipstick.

April Rose

Friday, May 21

and again

Sorry but i just have to rave about this lippy a little more. Its just that gosh darn good. After wearing it all day i only needed to reapply once. It doesnt have that rank after taste that some Revlon lippys get either.

When you apply it has a moist sheen and feel to it yet its colour is still dense. Yes indeed i do like it!

April Rose

When the mooon hits your eeeyyyyeee like a biiiigg Piiizzzaaa ppiiieeeee

As you can tell from above we had Pizza last night. But it wasn't JUST pizza, it was Pizzaca pizza. I'm actually drooling at the thought of it. Its on Scabs beach road and totes worth the drive. Every one who lives in Perth please go right now! I don't eat much and i ate the whole thing to my self, i got the Brush and S got the Little Master i think? Brush is Feta, Parmesan, Red onion, Tomato and Pesto. S doesn't like it because its basically a slab of cheese. That's good for me though! mmm cheesy goodness.

Obviously I'm not a weirdo who has dessert first but Blogger wont let me rearrange the pics so you will just have to bear with me. So after after pizzacas - haha- we like to have the Baked Banana Cheesecake with double whipped cream and ice cream. Obesity, i know!
I also needed to show you all pictures of the new top thing S got, its amazing.. oh so drapey and soft and thin and versatile. i wanted one and i sooked when i realised i couldn't get one in my size.
Now its Friday and to celebrate I bought a lippy from Revlon's new Colour Burst range. My shade is Fuchsia and i heart it long time. Very moist but not shiny and only 23 shmakers!
Have a good weekend every one, ill be in the sticks with no phone service or computer or power (ill explain on Monday) so no blogging until i get back!
April Rose

Thursday, May 20

Get your creep on

I like blogs that have lots of pictures, i think it may be because im a bit of a nosy parker and a good stalk never hurt any one. I mean isnt that what facebook is for?

These are pics of the last few events we have had this year. My friends have seen all of these so they will find this super boring but meh i don't mind. I miss my lighter hair. I was going for a Alexa Chung, Balyeage look which was very wearable buuutt it killed my ends.
The food pics are from the Rosemount. We live down the road and it does really good vegetarian nachos and apparently the best beef burger around, its called the Ranch Burger and the boys go nuts for it.
My mum and dad have a little farm in York, we are going there this weekend, My brother and BF ( lets call him 'S' its easier and i feel rude calling him the boy/man/guy/BF/buddy) were walking to get Yabbys from the dam in that picture.
Isn't S pretty? He has lots of nice clothes and he outdresses me all. the. time.
April Rose

Wednesday, May 19

Slap it on!

Morning! I'm on fire today, two posts in one morning? Yeah! I just have so much to tell you all (assuming there are people out there reading this!)
I mentioned before that i have dry temperamental skin and in the past i actually never wore foundation, just a small amount of concealer and blush. This was because i thought foundation looked terrible on my skin. It sat on top of the skin rather than absorbing into it. It also highlighted any dry patches i may have had at the time - I'm painting a pretty picture aren't i!?
I know now that this was because i didn't have a clear smooth canvas to apply my foundation onto, therefore the foundation couldn't do its job! To achieve this base is simple and these are the products i use to get it.
After washing my face (always wash in the morning as well ladies!) i apply my usual Kosmea moisturiser. Then i apply Natio 'Glow' all over. Glow is a skin brightening balm which aims to even out skin tone. I have freckles from years in the sun as a child and i also have fair skin which can look a bit flushed at times. Ive been using this for just over a month now and i can see results. My skin is clear and even. Its wonderful under foundation as it helps the absorption and makes my skin looks soft and moist. On good days i will just use this baby as a primer and nothing else.
On bad days though, i need some more help. That's when i roll out my L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer. This stuff is like spack filler!! When I'm really tired/hungover/sick/generally feeling crap this is a miracle. You only need a small amount on your ring finger then dab dab dab where needed. I like to apply around the eyes, around the nose and wherever there is a dry spot. It goes on matte and very very satiny smooth... just wait a tic for it to sink in then pop your foundy over the top. Ta daaaahhh! smooth, soft, pore less base once more. Its even good around the eyes towards the end of the day as a pick me up over the top of your foundation.
If i really need it ill use some Napolean Perdis Auto Pilot Primer as well but thats pretty much all i need to establish a base for my foundation. All these products will not only help you get the most out of your foundation but they will also help you have an even skin tone and tighter pores. Win!

April Rose

Tuesday, May 18

WARNING - I do like to go on and on and on and on and on...

I'm slightly obsessed with beauty... to the horror of my friends i like to drone on and on and on and on about my latest products and purchases and try and coerce them into purchasing said products so that we can squeal and compare stories on how wonderful the previously mentioned products are.Maybe now i can release all of that pent up excitement onto here and save my friends another lecture.
I have very dry, very sensitive skin. Im not prone to breakouts but i do get this weird painful rash (ew) when i use overly scented products, foaming cleansers, and various other types of skin care. After about 1 month of using a new product i need to throw it out. Its expensive and frustrating.So after many years of trial and error and an amazing amount of new products on the market i have now found a few things that work for me.

Kosmea is the skin care i am using at the moment and so far so good. Ive started with a trial pack which contains a Clarifying Facial Wash, Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+, Rosewater mist and The 5 Minute Facial Muslin Cloth. I must admit i was pretty sceptical when i first saw the cloth... its just a cloth right? welllll no. It helps get rid of every trace of face wash effectively and exfoliates during the process. good huh?
The moisturiser is amazing for the during the day and i feel pretty chuffed with myself knowing I've got moisturiser on when i step out into the sun.Finally the rosewater is a wonderful pick me up after being in the office all day.Kosmea can be purchased online or at David Jones.
Before bed i switch my moisturiser to Aesop which is another great product for sensitive skin. The one i use is the Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream, i mix it with some Rose hip oil and voila! Perfect hydration for my bedtime.

Up next is my beloved Moroccan Oil. I'm sure you've all heard of it as its been featured in many a glossy and apparently its been on Oprah aha. Its amazing. Don't freak out at the thought of using an oil in your hair, its super absorbent and wont weight your hair down. I put a small amount in my ends when my hair has been towel dried and i find it makes my blow drying extra fast and almost salon like. It also works well on my curls aaaaand It can also be put into dry hair if you have dry ends during the day. My hair looked lush and shiny after only one use, and after using it for a month now its never looked better. 
Woo! Its about 50 bucks from most salons and yes, it did win InStyle's Best Beauty Buys.

My aim in life is to have eyebrows like Brooke Shields. While i am waiting for them to grow i like to fill in with my Bobbi Brown pencil. I cant leave the house without them being filled, i feel like i can get away with less eye makeup and i feel more... photogenic? haha.

The foundation i use right now is Bobbi Brown Natural finish longlasting foundation and  i heart it. As i said before i have super dry skin,
which requires priming and prepping before i apply foundation. This is the first one that i can rub into my skin without needing to slap on half a tube of moisturiser to prepare. I can layer it depending on my coverage and my skin looks so so natural when its on.I also have it in compact form which is super for touch ups and when I'm out.This was $75 and all of the Bobbi Brown packaging is big black and sleek. Love it!!

Oh i love all these beauties so so much and i hope you can have some fun with them too.I'm visiting Mecca this week, fingers crossed i can condense my trip into one post a tad smaller than this one!

April Rose

Monday, May 17


Vampire weekend pics as promised. Metros was Heeeuge.
I don't have as many as i thought but do have a short clip for your viewing pleasure once my internet stops being pooey.
I'm also in the midst of creating a makeup post.. will be up soon!

April Rose

Well i didnt get stabbed

A few shots of what i wore to Vampire weekend and how gross i look after too many drinks.
Pics from the show going up tonight and maybe a little snippet of how they sounded (amazing by the way) My Top is vintage... it came with a matching skirt that i didn't purchase at the time, I'm kicking myself for that now. When i bought it the little old lady asked me "are you going to a dress up party?" Bless.Black Cheap Monday jeans and Nine west ankle boots, Vintage Snakeskin Clutch and my new/old fur complete the outfit. 

April Rose

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Sunday, May 16

ASOS Leather jacket, Wittner flats, Vintage Bag, Bonds pants and Vintage top.

This weekend has been fuuuun. I spent all Saturday morning trying to find a fur coat that wasn't size 14 or 600 Dollars. Winifred and Bance was my last stop and i purchased a dark fur cape that made me feel like a member of the Mafia.

That night we frolicked around town, visiting various bars and trying to not to freeze to death.
I wore my Sass and Bide rats, fur coat and black boots.
On Sundays we like to go get coffee, eggs and flowers. Tonight is Vampire Weekend!

April Rose


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