Saturday, February 26

Just act evil.

A few behind the scenes pictures from a portfolio shoot i worked on yesterday. My darling model was only 14 (14!) and when she asked what to do in front of the camera i had to tell her to think and act evil. The second she stepped in front of the lens she morphed into the perfect nasty character, I was so proud of her! I can’t wait to see the final shots from the shoot, David Woolley knew exactly what i wanted and im sure he has produced some great pictures. 

April Rose

Thursday, February 24

Why thats a rather pretty store, isn't it?

Last night we celebrated Little Gracie’s Second birthday and pop up store opening. It’s hard to believe Little Gracie has only turned 2; she has grown so much in such a short time! The VIP night was super fun, with cute waiter boys dressed by Pigeon Hole and life sized pictures from the A/W range hanging from the ceiling, and I must say, it was a proud moment for me to see something I worked on displayed so beautifully, for all of Subiaco to gander at!

You have until the 27th to visit the Little Gracie pop up store in The Colonnade, Subiaco before all the magic is gone... 

April Rose

Tuesday, February 22

Picnic in the park.

Last Sunday there was a gaggle of girls prancing around Kings Park. Tottering on the grass in heels, snapping pictures with their huge lenses and eating cupcakes. People were asking if they were photographers, models or just plain kooky... but no, it was only Perth’s first Fashion Blogger Meet!

Recently there has been an influx of Perth based Fashion blogs (mine included) so Jessie from The Velvet Bow and I decided to host a Perth Fashion Blogger Meet. The meet was a great chance for us ladies to network and chat about all things blogging, something we cant really do with non blog friends!

I found a neat little woollen top to wear to the park; it had a scalloped neck line and went perfectly with my silk shorts from Witchery. I must also thank my little sister for creating the beautiful cupcakes for the event, they were delicious and went down a treat. Thanks again to every one who made the effort to come out despite the terrible weather, and i cant wait for our next meet up!

April Rose

Monday, February 21

Soon my pretty...

Pictures from the Perth Fashion Blogger Meet will be posted soon. In the meantime, enjoy this beauty.

April Rose

Tuesday, February 15

Giveaway time!


As I previously mentioned, I recently set up a Facebook page for my Makeup work. To get my little page some more coverage I am going to hold a giveaway for Perth readers. Hop over to the April Rose Makeup, Facebook page and press “like”. Every person who likes the page is entered into the draw to win. People that have already liked the page are automatically in the draw. As an added bonus if you can recommend the page to a friend and that friend lets me know that you recommended it, you will be entitled to an extra entry in the draw….

Sounds confusing, I know, but it’s worth it! I will give the winner a makeup look of their choice (weddings excluded) in the comfort of their own home. The draw will run for 3 weeks and will close on Sunday the 20th of March. The appointment day is negotiable.

Good luck!!

April Rose


I’m wearing American Apparel petticoat skirt during a night out recently.

Sunday, February 13

Makeup Artist.

This weekend was super productive for me. Amongst dancing at the Laneway festival, working on a 5 hour wedding trial and doing homework; I also set my rates, created a Facebook page and “opened” April Rose Makeup for business. If you look to your right you will see a Facebook link to the April Rose Makeup Facebook page, which has all the information required to book me as your makeup artist. I have also included a small online portfolio of pictures which I have either taken myself or sourced from photographers. To help my little page get noticed i may do a giveaway soon... perhaps a free makeover for one lucky lady? 

April Rose

Friday, February 11

Glamour Makeup.

Just a little glimpse into what I have been doing lately. Each day that we have class we partner up and do a “look” on each other. That look includes creating the hair, producing the clothing and taking the photos for our portfolios. It’s a three hour process which I have really been enjoying.

I’m considering taking on more makeup work in the near future to help ease the strain on our dwindling bank balance. I wonder if there is enough interest or need out there at the moment for evening looks, ball looks, weddings etc. There is so much to consider when taking on this kind of work, so I think i will mull it over this weekend. Of course if I do go down this road, my beautiful readers will be the first to know!

April Rose

Sunday, February 6

ChChChCh Changes.


I’m having trouble finding a part time job at the moment; I just need something to help pay the bills while I study. But even though we are pinching pennies we managed to allocate some dosh towards a new hair cut and colour. I decided to go back to brunette, I feel like my hair looks healthier when it’s a darker hue. My new hair has helped cheer me up a tad; it’s amazing what a slight change can do to your mood! Cut and colour courtesy of Peggy Sues, thanks Bee.

April Rose 

Saturday, February 5

Lalaland Vintage Clothing

When  Dylana from Nana in Wonderland wore a  gold sequin jacket she purchased from Lalaland Vintage i drooled, commented about said drooling and drooled some more. Imagine my surprise when the lovely ladies from the boutique contacted me with a very generous offer for my readers. Just enter the word "Smooch" at the checkout to receive 20% off your first order  with Lalaland Vintage! 

The girls also have a blog and would love for you to stop by and  follow them, just as a small thanks for the generous discount code on offer. Winter is on its way guys, now is the time to purchase some oversized vintage cardigans! 

April Rose

Friday, February 4

Coastal Colours.

I forgot to show you all what I bought the other week! Meet my new Coastal Scents 88 colour palettes. I’m not going to write much about these as there are a million reviews about these palettes going around, (My favourite ones are over at The Lip Print) but I will share with you some bits of info I had trouble sourcing when I was researching these bad boys.
  • Ordering from Coastal Scents was fast, safe and easy. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Nothing was broken and I even received a sample.
  • The pigments (the strength and depth of colour) are amazing. Long lasting too. 
  • The 88 palettes are smaller than anticipated; each shade is the size of an AU 5c piece.
  • The shimmer palette and the normal 88 palette are the same colours, as you can see from my swatch the golds are the same exept one is matte and one has a shimmer through it.
  • I highly recommend purchasing the 28 Neutral, warm palette, the shades are very versatile and they are also slightly larger in size. 

The palettes have been a great addition to my kit and i reccomend them to any one who wants more than a few shades! Also if you are living in Perth, dont forget to RSVP for the Perth blogger meet. We are sending out invitations from Sunday onwards. 

April Rose

Tuesday, February 1

The line was as long as my arm.

This is what i wore the other night to get burgers in Leederville. Well that was the plan until we saw the line for the burger shop was around the corner and my car broke down. So in the end we ate pizza on the boot of the car until road side assistance came (thanks RAC!) The shorts im wearing were were purchased from American Apparel when i was in New York and they are a life saver in this heat. They feel light as a feather and can withstand hours of walking without being uncomfortable. My shirt warped in the wash and now has an asymmetrical hem, something that was unintentional but makes me like it even more.  Oh, and I finally got a hair appointment with Peggy Sues. I can’t wait to release my hair from its top knot prison!

April Rose.

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