Monday, June 20

Donuts any one?

Over the last two weeks I have been preoccupied by my end of college exams. Two sets of practical and two sets of theory makes for a busy busy girl!
But making my exam time that little bit easier is a ray of sunshine by the name of Lonely 8-Bit Heroes. 

Lonely 8-Bit Heroes is an eclectic Perth clothing label created by the darling Zoe Trotman. Zoe came to my rescue last week when I was desperately searching for an outfit to use for my practical exam which is Cirque Du Soliel themed. All of Zoe’s items were perfect for my exams and I decided on these darling Donut leggings, custom designed shoes and a silk print from her new line.

There isn’t really much I can say about the label. It’s insane, and I know a lot of you wouldn’t be able to incorporate Zoe’s items into your wardrobe but I urge you to consider it! Do your bit and help out local talent. Tell your friends, like the Facebook page and show Zoe your love for Lonely 8-Bit Heroes!

April Rose

Oh and thanks Rach for being my patient model! 

Thursday, June 2

Ear Drops and Caramel Highlights.

I cant believe I am following my last post with yet another Iphone picture, but when the sun goes down at 5pm and you don’t have a flash for your DLSR, seriously whatisagalsupposedtodo!?

So yes. This was taken on my phone but I just HAD to show you all that I cut and died my hair today. I was hankering for a bright, crazy, very on trend pastel shade, but as I am I am currently working with Bobbi Brown I needed something a little more subdued, enter a bit of natural balayage. As this is my third try at balayage I suppose am an old hat at the trend. Yet this time around I have gone for a darker base with more of a caramel highlight through the ends which i hope will work well in winter.

I have an ear infection at the moment (ew) and even the sound of my typing is sending stabbing pains through my head. Im off to make pasta and stick cotton wool in my ear. 

April Rose

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