Friday, September 24

Westfield Insider

I had my Westfield Insider interview today. I arrived and hour early as usual and had to sit in Inalloo waiting anxiously until registration opened. I ended up wearing a silk blouse that I found heavily discounted in Witchery with black harem pants. The shirt was such a good find, it has unusual material paneling up the arms and chains draping across my front. I had to go to work straight after which Is why I was dressed a tad more corporate than the other girls and im not sure if that worked against me or not?
The other ladies and gentle man (I only saw one guy!) at the interview looked dashing, it was wonderful to see the effort people made. I can’t remember the name of the little lady who is pictured above but she looked superb in her glasses and cuffed trousers.

My only gripe with the process was the interview panel; we only had time for a one on on with a single judge rather than meeting them all. I was looking forward to finally meeting Emma from Dropstich but missed out on the opportunity! The next step is to create a video entry and upload it onto the website. Once my application is up there I’ll let you all know so you can check it out… Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

April Rose


Jadegrrrl said...

Good luck :)

Lisa said...

I'm the little lady with the glasses and cuffed your blog!
Hope your interview went well today...time to upload the video blog?! EEK!
xx Lisa

April Rose said...

Lisa! Twas lovely meeting you :) Good luck with your application and video post!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your application. Just to let you know that I've linked to your blog under the page "Insider Entries". Please let me know if you want me to change anything.

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