Friday, September 10

That's a bingo!

This week S and I went to the launch of Popsicle at PICA in the Cultural Centre. It was pissing down with rain and freezing cold, I was very proud of myself for breaking my ‘no drinks midweek’ rule and venturing outside in that weather! Oh it was a fun night; I had chats and drinks with Girl Friday as well as The Velvet Bow. I met some lovely bloggers who I am now following and I drank WAY too much.

Ive also been tagged for a blog award by the biggest cutey ever, Amy from Antlers Away, thanks Amy! I'm only going to tell you 5 things I like rather than the required 10, other wise you will be here all day. Also The Raven tagged me in a questionnaire this week and here are my very well thought out and detailed answers, pretty good for someone who was still nursing a fuzzy head.

10 Things I Like from Amy, Antlers Away:

I like him very very much.

I swear WAY too much. It was never that bad but my current work place has encouraged me to swear like a trooper. FOR FUCKS SAKE is my favourite phrase to utter. S knows to avoid me when he hears that one.

I like accessories more than clothes. Please don’t be mad at me! I like purchasing an outfit from the second hand store then blowing my dollars on jewellery, Bags and shoes.

Same goes for makeup. I plan my outfit around my face. If my face isn’t working the clothes won’t either.

I don’t eat red meat or chicken which limits what I can eat quite a bit… but I make up for it by eating EVERYTHING ELSE IN MY SIGHT. I get teased at work for my strange eating habits… today I had Eggs on toast for lunch and peanut butter on vita wheat for a snack. I don’t think that’s strange at all.

Questions from The Raven:

If you won $65,000,000 - what is the first thing you would do?

Fly my whole family to Victoria! My mums side live over there and we never see them enough. Then we would go from there to a holiday destination overseas… then S and I would move to New York!! Cripes I’m getting excited now.

Where in the world do you want to visit most?

At the moment I want to go to London and Brighton where all my friends seem to be.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

A horse! I grew up horse riding and would often day dream about prancing around with my horse, ‘Cobba’ haha

The city, the country or the beach?

City. I’m from the country and I dislike the beach. I’m petrified of waves

Your favourite genre of music?

Fever Ray, Foals, Yeasayer, Alpine, sleighbells, crystal castles, vampire weekend, SIA, Grizzly Bear, Hotchip, Angus and Julia Stone, Daft Punk, Cut off your hands, Phoenix, Caribou, Outkast, Ratatat... im not sure what genre this all is?

Your dream job?

Working in Beauty. Writing about it and applying it.

Your favourite book?

The chronicles of Narnia

Your favourite clothing item at the moment?

Hummmm My vintage wool poncho. It’s the only thing keeping me warm.

There you have it. Have a great weekend!
April Rose


Amy Antlers said...

Yay, thanks for the lovely mention! Gorgeous photos - I really love your hair colour. Also, your eating habits aren't weird at all.

The Velvet Bow said...

Mmm I loved that poncho, so awesome.

p.s I hate waves too, don't eat meat either and definitely think you should work in make up - you always look so polished!

Kitta said...

Hey there,

I took your photo (group shot) at the Popsicle Launch, normally I hand out cards so you can easily find the photos afterwards, but I was kind of low that night. If you see anyone you know in the photos, please let them know.

If you wish you use the photo please link back to the my photo/set on Flickr and give me credit for copyright purposes. Thanks.


Abby said...

aw you look lovely.
popsicle looks like fun times!
I'll have to go along next year.


Le Fanciulle said...

I have no idea what that genre is called but it's identical to whatever my favourite is called!! Haha. And you've triggered living-in-New-York daydreams in me..gahh if only!


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