Wednesday, August 31

Pretty Grrrllll.

Photographer:Tessa Kit Zawadzki
Model: Emma Lindegaard @ Scene
Stylist: Claire McManus Fashion Stylist
MUA & Hair: April Rose Makeup

Some images from a recent photo shoot, apologies if you follow me on Facebook and have seen these before but I couldn't help but repost them! I have been wracking  my brains to try and come up with a give away prize to celebrate my Makeup Facebook page, if any one has any suggestions im all ears, at the moment im thinking a classic lip colour that would suit many... 

April Rose

Saturday, August 13

Rings and Bangs.

So a while ago I promised a picture of my new Lotus Mendes rings which I had initially discovered in a woman's magazine one night. Unfortunately for me, im terrible at online shopping, and the rings did not fit. Sad and ringless I contacted Victoria Cheatham, the designer for LM and she happily exchanged my rings for a new size. While waiting for said rings, I decided to cut and colour my hair and I'm now the proud owner of bangs!  

My bright lip colour was inspired by Kit cosmetics Colour Fiesta range which im in the middle of reviewing for Wellness WA. I'll be sure to let you all know once its up. 

April Rose

Wednesday, August 3


As I seem to be blogging on a once a month basis I thought I would do a little photo hotchpotch of my activities, rather than painstakingly list each and every little thing I have been doing in the weeks that have passed. Also I have really wanted to use the word, ‘hotchpotch’ in a sentence lately and now I have. YAY! 

1. Tattoo

I have had this design in my mind for around 2 years now. Unable to translate my image onto paper myself, a friend of mine sketched this up for me as a guide. I took it into a tattoo parlour yesterday and i have appointment in September. My Gypsy girl will have pretty pink cheeks and colourful roses surrounding her. Oh my!

2. Work 

Work has been occupying my mind of late. I have been setting up my business, creating my website, trying to book regular work, stocking up my kit and also working for Bobbi Brown, there is allot to think about! 

This shot is from my parents property in York, im constantly scouting for locations to shoot at, and I would love to drag some models out here one time! Yes that is a flowing creek behind the tree too. How magical! 

3. Being totes cool

The delightful Camilla from Girls are made from Pepsi has featured me on her hilarious blog this week. Run and check it out. 

4. Aunty O

Between jobs I usually spend allot of time at home. During these periods I have become acquainted with Aunty O. Aunty and I spend allot of time crying over the sad guests she interviews and talking about how we are powerful women. 

That photo montage wasn't too unbearable was it? This is essentially my life at the moment (aside from the being cool bit, that was just funny). Its strange not having a 9-5 job any more and sometimes I feel like im going crazy from the lack of consistency but I suppose it leaves more time for the finer things in life, like day time TV!

April Rose

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