Tuesday, August 31

Popsicle - A delight in more ways than one

Not long guys! If you are a Perth resident make sure you pen Popsicle into your diaries. 
My work is sponsoring this event and my friend Ebony, who I've blogged about before is one of the designers featured. Unfortunately i wont be able to spend much time down at the Cultural Centre as i will be busy moving house, but i am looking forward to my fellow bloggers covering the event! 
I will be taking a blogging hiatus for the next 3 weeks, just until i am settled in my new apartment.
I cant think about any thing else right now... IKEA, Interior Design Mags and new LCD TV's are plaguing my mind. Adios! and ill see you all soon. 

April Rose

Sunday, August 29


  • About to create a midnight feast at a friends this weekend. Battling the cold with S's Opening Ceremony jacket and AA reversible petticoat.
  • Carla demonstrating why we needed the midnight snack.
  • Mimco stockings. These caused a stir at work, my CEO stopped me in the hallway and asked me if i had a fake tan mishap. 
  • New York. On our way to a bar one hot night in Make Believe necklace and Sportsgirl shirt.
  • Check out S's hair swish.
  • Patting Barry the sheep wearing Doctor Denim jeans and Ralph Lauren shirt. 

April Rose

Friday, August 27

Mrs Robinson

Google Images

Last night i saw Jerry Hall naked. It was an exciting moment for me and all the old boys in the theatre, she is still as stunning as she was with Mick.The Graduate is currently playing at His Majesty's Theatre in Perth until the 12th of September, i recommend you go have a peek.

Im still waiting for this darn camera to be fixed, i have quite a few things that im dying to show you all, especially this fantastic shirt i found at Opening Ceremony during my trip.  Heres a sneak peak...

Oh Oh and i have EXCITING NEWS! S and i were accepted for the apartment. Moving day is in 2 weeks! I have been in my current place for 1.5 years so im expecting this move be pretty hectic.Perhaps a Garage Sale is in order! Have a fabulous weekend every one. 

April Rose

Tuesday, August 24

Sean the sheep

S and i have an application pending for a new rental at the moment, and so i don't wait anxiously by the phone and check my email every 2 minuets i have been distracting myself with sheepskin throws. I grew up with a sheepskin placed haphazardly over the couch at my parents home, i used to fight over it with my brother and sister because the winner could lay on it in front of the wood fire. 

S cant stand them, and i think when i say sheepskin rug he thinks of a hairy man wearing gold chains holding a glass of red . But after a lengthy discussion involving me begging, i get to buy one for our new home. I told S i would do a blog post justifying how pretty my throw will look in our new house, so here are some shots which were found on Apartment Therapy and my favourite blog Jeremy and Kathleen. Now please excuse me, I'm off to check my email again! 

April Rose 

Sunday, August 22

I do.

Aren't weddings fun? My friend Chris got married last night to his beloved, Sophie. 
We all ran amok and at the end of the night i grabbed a sneaky bottle of wine for the trip home and also managed to catch the bouquet.
Girl Friday was there in a delightful peach number with black wedge boots that i was eyeing off all night. My dress is from Opening Ceremony and my heels are DVF. I bought some long lasting, cream eye shadow from Bobbi Brown for the wedding and yes, it is super long lasting. 
I suggest you get some if you find your shadow creasing at the end of a big day.

Oh and Im glad you all like my new header, those Chanel stockings are amazing arent they. 
April Rose

Thursday, August 19

Painting the roses red

My middle name is Rose. I like to smell like a Rose, my friends child has the middle name Rose and S now has a Rose with him forever.  

April Rose

True Love.

I know this isnt fashion but i dont care.

Click here for naked sookie.
April Rose

Tuesday, August 17

I don't smell bad but i love dousing myself in so much scent that you wouldn't be able to tell other wise.
I go through a bottle of perfume every 5-6 months and i think that's perfectly reasonable thankyouverymuch. If you are like me at all, run down to Mariposa  in Mount Lawley for all things pongy. They import from France and stock organic Australian products. My buys from Mariposa included the Rose Essence hand cream, it matches my Chloe perfectly and it stinks. Also the Glass house candles. These candles are heeuuggee and for 35 dollars they a bargin.

Oh and before i go, Blogger is doing my freaking head in. My header is shit and annoying me. My post formats are inconstant. My layout is all over the shop. gah. i give up - Mediocre April Rose it is!

April Rose

Saturday, August 14

Life without a camera is TOUGH. Ive had to make the last few photos i took before it broke last days. DAYS i tell you. The camera man said it will take three weeks to fix and "wont be very aesthetically pleasing" as long as it still makes me aesthetically pleasing, i don't mind. 
 Here is the very last picture taken. About two seconds after this self indulgent prance in front of a friends bathroom mirror, the camera met the floor.

 Isn't S's bow tie cute? I look like i have a birds nest on my head.

Mother dearest is in Victoria at the moment, visiting her brother (haaaiiii Bruce!) and her sisters (haaiiii Susan and Julie!) Its a surprise for Julie as she just had a babeh. Don't worry mum, she wont see this. I'm sure she is bypassing my blog at the moment to do mothery things with the child. Humph. 

Well Because i have no way of taking new pics, you will all have to suffer and look at MORE pictures of New York. Soooorrryyyy!! Tune out now if you are sick of seeing New York on here.
Below is "The first hot dog in New York" from Nathans at Coney Island. Nice huh. 
Next pic is S eating White Castle. Love the movie hate the food. 
They steam cook their burgers...

MAMMOTH Drumstick and a little Sailor Play suit, very apt as we were buy the sea.

HBO Movies at Bryant Park on Monday nights. It poured down about 5 min after this was taken.
The girl on the right in Pink was super annoying.

Last but not least (as i have a few hundred more to bore you with, another time) here is S and i. 
Have a great weekend every one!

April Rose

Tuesday, August 10

Im sick! So we couldnt go out for dinner, i cant breath let alone taste any thing. 
So no pictures of my fancy pants outfit until next week im afraid.
Mushy likes to look after me when im unwell, he has not left my side aaaallll day.
Apart from watching Sex and the City all day and talking to the cat, i was kind of productive and did some writing. I have been asked by the lovely Annette over at Wellness WA to write a review for her and it will be up in the coming months.
In the mean time i reccomend you check out her blog, and Perth girls she does reviews for salons all over Perth, not just in the City which is handy if you live a bir further out of town!
April Rose

Monday, August 9

S and i are celebrating our two and a half year anniversary tomorrow by eating at Star Anise. 
Im going to wear my opening ceremony dress from New York, i cant take pictures as you know, but ill be sure to try and get a good Blackberry shot for you all. 
We are moving house soon, does any one have an apartment we can move into? The rent is so high in Perth at the moment, and Landlords seem to think i dont mind living in a crack den. Its super frustrating. We will find something, we always do.

April Rose 
PHEW! What a weekend. Was yours good?
My oldest friend had a little girl on Sunday, welcome to the world Skye Rose!
I cant wait to take her on shopping trips, teach her how to ride a horse and help her bake cupcakes. Her mum and i grew up together in the country and would spend hours horse riding and laying on the grass daydreaming about how cool we would be when we grew up haha.

During the 21st on Saturday we had a little mishap with the camera so until it gets fixed all my pictures will be taken on the Blackberry, creating a beautiful grainy effect. 
Just before i go, here is me doing something weird. Showing off my blue nails i think? Yeah.

April Rose

Friday, August 6

Its fffffffrriiiddaaayyy!
My first week back at work is nearly over, and i have a mammoth weekend full of birthdays and babies ahead of me. S is home sick the poor thing, i think jetting around the world may have worn him out. The first birthday i have to celebrate is my good friends 21st.

Every one say "Happy Birthday!" to Ebony.

 Naaawww Isn't she purty? Something just as pretty, is her clothing label 'Little Gracie'

Little Gracie is a beautiful collection of ruffles and pastel which seem to have been made for a spring wedding or a lazy picnic in the sun.
Ebony’s delightful personality shines through in all her pieces and she has often passed on a coffee with me so that she can that lovingly hand sew each dress!

Ebony has been featured in multiple articles showcasing Perth Design and has also been involved with the Perth Fashion Festival for two years running.

Little Gracie is available online from Fashion WA and you can also visit her on her website. 

Happy Birthday Little Miss!! 

 April Rose
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