Sunday, September 19

Ding Ding!

This weekend S and i had our first Saturday in our new home, and after i was cooked breakfast we went for a long bike ride to explore the area. Ebony popped over for coffee and brought with her some beautiful flowers, she looks like she is walking down the isle in that picture! On Saturday night it was the birthday of my two girlfriends so we celebrated by making lurve to a bottle of gin and prancing around Ezra in our finest. Do you like my blouse? Mummy dearest gave it too me. Oh and i bought a new camera, its amazing, I've taken over 100 pictures in two days! Hope you all had a great weekend.

April Rose


Girl Friday said...

Oh so jealous, I want a new camera so badly!
I love your blouse, I bought some collars just like the ones on your blouse and I have been going crazy sewing them onto everything I own! hehe It looks like you two are settling into your new home nicely! xx

The Velvet Bow said...

Your new place looks delightful! And that's so exciting about the camera, what model did you get?


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

love the high top knot!

onika said...

exciting about the house!! great pictures!!! the cooking breaky one is MAKING ME HUNGRY!!! haha
i tagged you in a quiz on my blog!!! dooo ittt xxx

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