Monday, September 6

The Goblin Queen.

Jennifer Hawkins doing her best Bowie impersonation for this seasons Myer catalogue.

April Rose


Girl Friday said...

I have to say, Myer sent me an email with that photo and I was a little... confused.
Are they trying to sell makeup that makes a woman look and feel luminous... or has David Bowie had a face lift?


April Rose said...

I cant stop looking at it. its confusing me too... is it make up for men? A make up line created by bowie? is she a man now? waaaa??

the indigo juveniles said...

i have an intense hatred for jennifer hawkins
how odd of myer, she looks really quite ridiculous

but yes, ah you blog is marvelous!

indigo juveniles.

harbourmaster said...

HAHAHA I thought that too when I saw it! Wouldn't it be great if she was wearing killer boots and some obnoxiously tight pants with it?

WrenRennard said...

Hello lady! I tagged you in a Q&A thing thats going around x

Abby said...

oh bowie. I love bowie. was it a freaky dream bret?

Oh golly.

x said...

Freakin' hilarious!

inapeartree said...

Lol. Awesome.

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