Tuesday, June 29

O im feeling a tad forlorn

I miss my friends who now live overseas
I miss my nose ring
I miss my fringe
I miss Amplifier before it became over run by scum
I miss being able to feel my toes and fingers

Sunday, June 27

What a lovely weekend. S and i rugged up and rode to get coffee and cake from our local cafe. 
I went to a baby shower for my oldest friend - fun fact, she is naming her girl Skye Rose - Rose is her Sister, Nanna and my middle name so it has a sentimental story behind it.
We also spent the weekend finalising everything for NY. S scored tickets to Pharoahe Monch for our first night in town, that should be a good welcoming to the town! 
 Hope you all had fabulous weekends. 
April Rose


Saturday, June 26

True Story.

Once upon a time there was a little cafe in the heart of Perth city. 
The cafe was charming, the coffee amazing and the furniture was mismatched. 
One day, an evil spell was cast over the cafe, and it turned the owner into a money hungry woman who, in turn, changed the cafe for the worst. Gone were the friendly staff who knew you by name and gone was the friendly overlook of the cafe. 
In its place was a pretentious overbearing place, which sucks the life out of all who enter. 
The owner became nasty and attacked her customers and she introduced a mind boggling table order system which upset and confused its patrons.
As time went by all who knew and loved the cafe had given up hope for their beloved place and let it be. The cafe now stands shiny and mean, ready for all those who dare enter to empty their wallets and souls. April Rose has given up on her beloved cafe and pines for the happier days.


Thursday, June 24


aarrrgggghhh sooooo excited to get this done!
i just booked my appointment to get my nails done in New York at the Bliss salon who specialise in Minx nails. Minx is a thin film layer that is stuck over your nail and lasts just over a week. No damage to your nails and you can pick from a range of patterns and pics. The only place i know that does it in Aus is Switch Funky, in Queensland which isnt good for me haha.
For ladies who live in the UK head over to WAH Nails.

April Rose

Wednesday, June 23

Petal to the Metal

This collection of necklaces and brooches from Make Believe are a dream come true for any whimsical gal and i cant wait to get my mits on a piece! They sell online and are also branching out to New York. I'm going to try and get one before i head over.
A small light pink version like the lady on Frankie would be good.
Check out the label  here and also have a peek at the lovely ladies who create the accessories. Click.
April Rose.

Pictures taken by me and from the Make believe site

Monday, June 21

Nosey Parker

Thought i might do a whats in your bag post, seeing as if i enjoy reading them myself.
My Bag is the Marc Jacobs Turn lock. Contents are surprisingly minimal... especially as i tend to carry my life around with me.
Did every one have a great weekend? I think i had too much of a good time and ended up falling "asleep" with the cat. haha.

April Rose.

Friday, June 18

Shopping any one?

Take 20% off all Alegorie purchases until Midnight June 30th. Code: JUNEJEWEL
Congratulations and loving thoughts go out to Pepper & Baxter for being Alegorie's featured blogger this month!

April Rose

Wednesday, June 16


My big pictures worked!
That is call for a celebratory jump through the leaves.

April Rose.

P.S. please let me know if they upload ok. the first pic is a tad fuz but i can live with that.

I'm trying really hard to figure out Photobucket and the new formatting available through blogger. I want bigger pictures goddammit!
I suppose you can still click on them for a closer look at my mug.
Any ways this is me and S at the Mundaring Weir the other weekend. It was fun.
I used to go there when i was a wee tike and go camping.
I am wearing a pom pom on my head. One day an old lady came up to me and said she thought it was adorable.  Also this is Mushy drooling. He drools all over himself when we pat him.
Gross huh.

April Rose


ahh Revlon. You really are an old faithful aren't you? I left my Bobbi Brown Brow pencil in York and this morning i couldn't stand being bare browed any longer so i ducked to my local chemist.
At 23 dollars it was half the price of Bobbi and i think just as good. Its waxy though were as Bobbi is chalky... Wax hold the brows down a bit better but its harder to apply?
 I went nuts with the illuminator at the end.. popped it on my top lip/cupids bow, brows and the inner corner of my eyes. Good Stuff!
Ive been thinking/fretting alot lately about what cosmetics i will take on the plane with me, i think its almost like a desert island scenario. I will post about it soon.
I'm interested to know what your desert island prods would be!

April Rose

Friday, June 11

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, Pre - Spring pics have been released
Unlucky for moi items aren't available until December. I had dreams of prancing over to OC when in New York, prancing to the change rooms and then prancing around in these EXACT OUTFITS.But now i will have to settle for trawling the op shops in hope of creating my own cheaper versions before i head off.In other news, here is an adorable picture of S and Mushy sleeping. Yes they spoon every night. allll night.
April Rose

Thursday, June 10

Thank you so much for your positive comments. I feel confident now to keep my blog name and use it with pride.
One thing i love about blogging is meeting and communicating with so many like minded people, and sometimes after reading a blog for a while i feel like i am almost friends with the author.

Admit it we have all feel this way... right? For me Keiko Lynn is one of those blogs.

This self titled blog is full of adorable pictures of Keiko and her clothing label Postlapsaria, her delightful kitties and dogs and her exciting life in NYC. When i realised that Kieko and i also shared a passion for Horses and were quite similar in temperament i officially thought we were kindred spirits. Then came the overwhelming feeling of being a strange stalker.

Is it strange to try and 'click' with people you have never met? I think so. When i was young i would have three penpals on the go.. forging friendships with kids on other sides of the world. i never thought that was creepy. Why is this any different?
After this little pep talk to myself i decided to email Keiko and explained that i was heading her way in July, she replied and was lovely. We may even be able to plan a catch up while I'm there.

I do still feel a tad strange and for all i know Keiko is scratching her head in New York, thinking who on earth is this chick. But hey we are putting our selves out here in the first place to do this. Right?

Bloggers unite! aha.
April Rose.

Tuesday, June 8

Change April Rose?

I was going to write a huge informative post about this but im struggling to find the words that don't offend others or seem too careless.
Google April Rose for me.
Ive done it and so far I've found a porn star, and a scam blog about a unborn child named April Rose.
I don't know how i feel about having my blogs name connected to this.
Id really appreciate some input from my readers and friends!

Sunday, June 6

Do Unicorns eat Rainbows and Stars?

When i was a kid i was obsessed with unicorns. So obsessed, that i tried to enter the Guinness Book of Records for owning the most Unicorn Collectibles. This ring was given to me when i was little.
I love it but it only fits on my pinkie now.
The Pompeii exhibit was good because we got these great 3D glasses to view the show.
Gotsta go now, Doctor who is about to start.

April Rose

Saturday, June 5

I love this little purse its surprisingly deep and manages to hold my whole night out.
Tomorrow we are going to the Pompeii exhibit.
Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend!

April Rose

Thursday, June 3

Its getting warm in New York....


Balayage - The best hair for lazy girls

This is Zoe Foster and i love her. She was my first girl crush. I discovered Zoe from her blog Fruity Beauty. You may know her from when she wrote for Cosmo or from Primped her Beauty Blog. Any who i tend to model my beauty decisions around what Zoe has recommended - yes I'm easily influenced- and one of the biggest changes i made was to get Balayage.
Balayage gives you the look of softly sun kissed hair with out being in the sun. Not to be confused with highlights, Balayage starts from the mid length -preferably from your ear down- and is pieced randomly throughout the hair. Do this and your hair will look full, healthy and not at all like you have regrowth.
I find it works best with curls, i had it done about a year ago when it first popped up and it just gives something extra to your usual colour.
Ta da

The best bit about this is the lack of maintenance. You will need to get a toner put through regularly to stop brassiness but that's about it!
After seeing Zoe's new hair i think ill be trotting off to the hairdressers again soon...
April Rose

Wednesday, June 2

Hurry up

I really need a tripod. I feel so self consious when S takes my pics. I think it shows!
I think if you click on my pics they get bigger? Bigger pictures would be nice.
My best lady friend Tenille gave me this Second hand Blazer before she left me for the UK. Its double breasted and i love it.
April Rose

Tuesday, June 1

I know this is turning into a blog about S but i cant help that he dresses so darn well.
Jeans - Cheap Monday - Shoes - Second Hand - Jacket -Second hand - Shirt - Jack London

Planning our New York shopping tonight.

April Rose

Catwalk Cosmetics lip gloss. Ive had this for a few years now - ew- and it is my favourite lip gloss. Note the battered lid. It tastes normal, doesn't leave residue, isn't sticky, leaves an amazing 'just sucked on a lolly pop' colour and is super glossy if need be.
I thought it would be non existent by now but check out the fun website.

April Rose
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