Friday, January 28

Carnations, Roses and Chrysanthemum’s. Oh My!

I have spoken about Little Gracie on here before, many times in fact. The designer, Ebony, is a friend of mine and she ever so nicely asked me do the makeup for her label, an opportunity that I am ever so grateful for!
This Thursday we shot her Spring/Summer Look book in front of a huge shrine of flowers, painstakingly created by Ebony and her little team of helpers (Hannah and Cam from All Of The Above Creative and us.) The overall look was very Seventies, with pastel shades on the eyes to match the pastel hues in garments.
As per usual I can’t show you the clothing until the line is released, but I can give you a little peek into the day’s activities. I would like to send out a big fat thankyou to my college friend for doing our model Phillipa’s hair, it turned out amazing!

April Rose 

Sunday, January 23

Perth Fashion Blogger Meet Up.

Jessie from The Velvet Bow and April Rose from Don’t you know April Rose are pleased to announce Perth’s first Fashion Blogger meet up.

For more information, and to register your interest, please contact either The Velvet Bow or Don’t you know April Rose by the 6th of February. See you there!

April Rose

Thanks Abby from Something about Dinosaurs for the pretty meet up design!

Thursday, January 20

Copious Amounts of Wine.

Dinner with old friends is such fun. We spent last night at an Italian restaurant in Mount Lawley and drank copious amounts of wine. I did a purple smoky eye for the occasion and wore my hair in its usual top knot. Until I get a hair appointment, that's how it’s staying! I need to try and study today, I feel guilty whenever i catch glimpse of my text book. Stupid text book.

April Rose 

Tuesday, January 18

Pretty in Pink.

The picture above is a little teaser for you all... this is the look we are going for in the Spring/Summer range for Little Gracie. How pretty! Oh and for those of you who have been wondering, my Gorgeous brush roll has been a life saver so far! I have used it on a few people and they have commented on how soft the bristles are, which is always a good thing, and the precision when applying product is wonderful. I definitely recommend these brushes!

April Rose

Beauty School Drop Out.

Nope I have left my course, I just love Grease. I started yesterday and gosh I was nervous! I felt like I was starting boarding school all over again. Weird uniforms, new people, a new suburb… it was all very daunting!

For those who are new to this blog, I recently quit my full time job as a Personal Assistant and enrolled in a Makeup Diploma course. Yesterday I had a glimpse into how detailed the course will be and im a little scared but also very excited. The Diploma runs for 5 months and I will be creating all sorts of looks as well as learning Special Effects and Camouflage (blood and gore). 

Amongst getting ready for school and trying to find work, I have been going to the beach (my beach bag cost me 7.50!), catching up with friends and family and cleaning the house until S gets home. Im turning into a house wife!

April Rose

Wednesday, January 12

Flood Appeal.

By now most of you would know about the flooding that has taken over a large part of Queensland, one of our states on the East Coast of Australia. Countless homes have been lost, families have been torn apart and there is more flooding expected tonight.

Please help in any way you can by either visiting this site and donating, or offering well wishes to the people affected via Twitter and Facebook.

Girl Friday has just announced that $10 from every item purchased from her store this January will be donated to the flood relief fund. 

For more information on the flood please click the pictures above. 

April Rose

Tuesday, January 11


Did you know i have a Facebook page? 
Click here to have a sneaky peak.


Exciting opportunity to work in fashion! - NOW CLOSED


Are you currently studying fashion? Or have you recently finished a course and want to get your foot in the door? Then this may be the perfect opportunity for you…

Little Gracie is a Perth label created by Ebony Harding and it is full of ruffles, layers and darling designs. I’ve spoken about Little Gracie on here before; and I also had the pleasure of creating the make up for Little Gracie’s A/W Look Book last year.

When I caught up with Ebony at lunch the other day she mentioned how busy she was and that she desperately needs a helping hand. Here is what Ebony needs assistance with:

  • Assisting with the organisation of photo shoots, behind and on set
  • Dealing with production and dispatch
  • Paperwork
  • Assisting with Spring/Summer 2011/2011
  • Assisting with final Winter orders
  • Assistance with sewing (desirable)

Ebony would like the lucky lad or lady to assist her at least one day a week until mid March. 
Of course the work would be unpaid as this is a work experience opportunity. Unfortunately this opportunity is not open for people living out of Australia.

If you are interested please contact Ebony on or if you have any questions just ask in the comments!

April Rose

Friday, January 7


My little sister, Eliza, was roped into a makeover today and we were both pretty pleased with the results! If you have any questions about the products used just ask and ill do my best to help.

April Rose

Wednesday, January 5

Black and White.


I just had to share this picture of S on New Years. He is wearing a shirt by Fred Perry which he purchased at The Fox Hunt, a new store that has opened on William street in Perth. Lads and ladies of Perth you must go browse, it is a beautiful store!

 Thanks to my friend and blogger Zeus for capturing this shot. 

April Rose

Sunday, January 2



This New Years i wore an outfit that comprised of items i had at home as well as two new purchases that i talked about here. I saw Tron Legacy earlier that week and it inspired my dark eye makeup for the night. We started our celebrations with a barbeque at the park and then moved on to a gig in town. Our night ended at 8 the next day, far far away from home and the local joggers found S and i very amusing as we trudged down the street looking for a cab! One thing that made me happy that morning was my makeup was still perfect... that’s a job well done.
April Rose


How funny is that picture of my necklace whacking me in the face? Thanks Ryan for catching it!


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