Tuesday, December 28

New Years Eve

S and I made a choice to avoid the Boxing Day sales this year as we are still trying to save. 
But on the way home from the city today I couldn’t resist a quick look in Wittner. Lucky for me, these heels were on sale for a measly 45 dollars. Can you believe it? So now I have the next piece for my New Years outfit. Hopefully I can get my bottoms sorted before Friday, It’s not like I can go pant less! These last few days have been so nice; we spent Boxing Day at a friend’s barbeque and today at the beach. I love holidays!

April Rose

Saturday, December 25

The holiday season.

Christmas day was spent with S and his family eating copious amounts of food, drinking and swimming. It has been very hot here in Perth and wearing a face full of makeup really isn’t an option. My fail safe hot weather makeup usually comprises of a bright lippy, minimal foundation (but lots of concealer) a nude shadow on the lid to cover veins aaannndddd big bold brows. 
Oh and big sunglasses usually help too!

Hope your holidays are going well.

April Rose

Friday, December 24

Please Santa?

Hopefully these bad boys will be on my head tomorrow.
Have a very merry Christmas every one!

April Rose

Sunday, December 19

Gorgeous Cosmetics.

This is where all my money is going lately. I'm in the process of stocking my kit and making sure my equipment is up to scratch before i start working full time as a makeup artist. Previously when i had jobs and clients i would use my own brush set that i had pieced together over the years. It was adequate but I wanted to purchase a brush roll that was an investment and would last me years. Georgia from The Glamorous Life recommended this Gorgeous Cosmetics roll to me and after a few emails back and forth and the help of the delightful Karla from the Gorgeous counter, the roll is mine. It’s a 23 piece professional roll and the brushes are made from sable. The brushes are light weight and the hair is ridiculously soft. I’m very pleased!

Another new addition to my kit was this rather large MAC haul that I ordered in from the states, using a parcel forwarding service, Parcel it on. Parcel it on were amazing and I definitely recommend using their services! Within the MAC haul are a few primers and setters, my favourite highlighter in the shade ‘Hush’, a powder and mascara.

If you have any questions about the forwarding and purchasing service let me know, or you could just contact the girls from Parcel it on, they are lovely and their website is very informative.

April Rose

Wednesday, December 15

Home is where the heart is.

Yesterday I put a post up that I ended up taking down. I put it up in a rush, because i felt guilty about not blogging in a while. I try not to over think my posts that much and I try to post on here as regularly as I can, but sometimes life just gets in the way. When I started blogging I didn’t want to be someone that apologises when the blog is left unattended for a few weeks… but you cant help but feel bad when you realise you haven’t looked at your blog in days and that you might just be letting people down.

If you are a blogger do you put pressure on yourself to post within a certain time frame? Or are you less stringent about your blogging? What about if you have favorite blogs you read regularly… do you get bored when there isn’t a new post every two days?

I think it’s all really interesting and personally I love it when my favorite bloggers upload every few days but at the end of the day I do have realistic expectations of these people!

Any who, as I said, I did do a post yesterday but I took it down as it was rushed and not how I wanted it to be. Instead I would like to show you all my apartment. I have been trapped in here for the last three days due to being sick and it was during this time that i realised im really happy with the space we have created and the pieces we have purchased in the last few years.

Our apartment is small, cosy, clean and white. S and I collected most our furniture from garage sales, vintage stores and IKEA, and we attempt to purchase furniture that will suit most rentals, as we don’t plan to buy for a while. Our place over looks lush green trees and is whisper quiet when you close the door. A new addition to the house is this Snow White wall mount. Ive had it since i was a child and the fine print states the picture was created in 1987, the year i was born.

April Rose

Monday, December 6

Throw another snag on the barbie.

It’s the 6th of December and its freezing cold here in Perth, because of this I am harbouring hope that Christmas day won’t be too hot. It’s a silly hope to have though as each year the temperature creeps up and we end up with a 35 degree (95 Fahrenheit) Christmas!
This year S and I decided to really get in the Christmas spirit. With school fees and unemployment looming, our holiday period was looking rather bleak. But now this beauty is up, it’s a bit brighter. To top off our tree we used S’s little plane ornament that he has had since he was a child. We both thought it was a nice sentimental touch.

For us Christmas is all about family, pretty summer dresses, swimming pools, huge cold lunches and a lot of alcohol.


How about you?

April Rose

Saturday, December 4

Herdsman Lake.

Frolicking by the lake on a Saturday afternoon is one of my favourite things to do. Im so happy we have moved to a location that allows us to ride to our friends house (Hai Jess & Corey!), and then down to this beautiful spot. Im wearing a second hand Ralph Lauren sweater that i think some poor person accidently shrunk as it's an XL! Good for me though. Unfortunatly i lost the Wayfarers i was holding in the previous post. I left them on the shelves when i was food shopping and now they are long gone. Goodbye my old friends, i loved you so! These Ray Bans are ones i picked up in the states, and they will do me fine until i can replace my lost loves. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 

April Rose

Wednesday, December 1

Bits and Bobs

Yes, this is another work outfit. Kind of boring I know but that’s my life at the moment! It’s been very hot after work so I have either been scurrying into the house and not leaving or riding my bike in shorts and an oversized shirt. It’s hard to arrange an office outfit in this heat as it’s cold in the office yet hot in the afternoon so I tend to have about three cardigans hanging off my office chair just in case!

Do you like my shoes? They are from Urban Outfitters and I think they are super cute. If you would like a pair you can get them here, although they don’t have any in this colour any more. I recommend going up a half size as they pinch a little.

 Australian ladies please pop over to About a Girl and use the code XMAS at the checkout for 20% off everything. Sale ends Sunday at midnight.

My shirt is from Minty meets Munt, skirt is target and hair is craaaazy.


April Rose


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