Friday, September 10

Product Review

mmmm i love me some samples! We received a goody bag from the Popsicle launch night and in it was this delightful Hydrating Gel supplied by Bella Hart. Bella Hart is a one stop online shop for all things beauty and is based in Perth, just what i like!
I have talked about oils and serums on here before, but never gels... I can see the difference between my serum and this gel when applied to my face, the gel is absorbed immediately and leaves no sheen, perfect for applications during the day, whereas my serum is an oil and seems to work well applied before bed.
Today i have been using the gel on top of my makeup, just dabbing a small amount with my pinky around my wrinkle/dry areas (my nose and crows feet) and i can see the difference. My skin looks plump and fresh, like i just woke up and my dry patches are gone. As i have super sensitive skin i will be keeping an eye out for any negative reactions to the gel, but so far so good!! If you would like to purchase a full size gel for $62 dollars go here.

April Rose

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