Thursday, September 30

Another morning and another work outfit from me. I’m wearing S's H&M shirt and my favorite slacks. I found these in Portman’s last year for $30 and they fit like a dream. I love how they are high waisted and are cuffed around the ankle. Do you find it difficult to style outfits for work?
Back when I was a little shit and had an asymmetrical hair cut and wore LOTS of inappropriate clothing purchased mostly from second hand stores, I would have to buy a second wardrobe for work. Now that I have calmed down a tad and have normal hair I try and purchase pieces that I can wear on a daily basis and incorporate into my week day look. I also keep in mind a few “rules” when I get ready in the morning.

  • Throwing on a pair of heels with most outfits makes my look seem more formal.

  • Accessorize like a mad woman. A plain shirt and skirt can be dressed up with earrings or a scarf.

  • Plain white and black t shirts are a lifesaver and go great with lots of different cardigans, jackets and jewelry.

  • Straightening my hair and wearing it up makes me look more polished.

  • Wearing a blazer, belt and heels and sheer stockings with my favorite summer dress can turn it into a work piece. I do this with most my dresses.

  • Never wear any thing to short, sheer or tight.

  • For work I keep my eye makeup to a minimum. Instead I play up my lips or cheeks. Done up eyes seem to go down badly with my (male) boss.

Finally, I always stay true to my own personal style. When my work friends wear suits, I wear pants and brogues… you can always put your own spin to a simple outfit!

April Rose


SimoneWrenRennard said...

Yep love it!
I work out the back of a record store so I can wear pretty much anything I want.
Dr Martens are my usual staple on my feet and seem to live in my jeans during these cooler months!
Totally agree about accessorising! x

Bonsai said...

Cute outfit. I dress very similar at work to my normal style, but I like to keep some peices that are just for "fun", otherwise I feel like I'm wearing a "work outfit". Generally when I buy something new I try to hold back from wearing it to work for a bit.

April Rose said...

Simone are you serious?? Please stop telling me about your job because im getting more jelous by the day!

Bonsai thats a really good idea, i have no patience to hold back on new things though... some times i wear stuff out of the store haha!

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

you look lovely! i work at a newsagent and my bosses are pretty slack with uniform...usually i wear a work polo shirt tucked into a skirt or something...once i wore my leopard short shorts and well...lets just say my male boss and customers were impressed :/ probably wont do that again!


Girl Friday said...

Love it!

Your shoes are gorgeous, and I love slacks that are cut slightly higher around the ankle. You look beautiful.

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