Monday, November 29

It's vintage darling.

Sometimes I wish that I could throw on a pair of docs, wear lots of layers and have a tan, but since starting this blog I have developed a sense of self awareness and I have finally realised that I am not Abbey Lee or Jessica Hart. It was kind of a sad moment for me as I really do like a lot of items that are in trend at the moment. But to be frank, I don’t tan well, im short, and wearing boots in summer looks ridiculous on me. Since making these earth shattering observations I realised that I still haven’t found a personal style of my very own and because of this I tend to gravitate towards a new look every few weeks.

But enough is enough. I’ve decided that I need to try and stick to one look for a little longer than a month. So after doing some research I have been inspired by an old school friend of mine who is now a successful burlesque dancer with the Perth Troupe, Sugar Blue Burlesque. I spent all weekend watching clips of the troupe dance together and also on their own, displaying their individual flair and skill. The vintage style that these girls adapt vary from the 20’s right up to the 60’s, a very glamorous period!

After watching these confident women, I realised that this style was perfect for me this summer. Its classy, requires dressing up and the outfits also suit my figure. Now when I shop, I wont trawl through racks of tight floral dresses that will accentuate all the parts of my body I despise, I will instead visit Modcloth, Awoke on a whale heart and The Ginger Fox to find a classic frock that will last me years.
April Rose

Tuesday, November 23

Happy Birthday.

Last weekend S and I drove down to visit my family who live in a small country town called York, which is about an hour and a half drive from Perth. It’s a nice break from the city, and even though Perth isn’t exactly bustling it feels good to not have any phone service, not use the internet and wear old farm clothes for a while!

While I was in York I was given a bag stuffed full of clothing that previously belonged to my mums, friends, mother. As you could imagine half the pieces dated back to the 50’s and some were even hand made. Picture my excitement when I dug into the bag and found not one, but four pairs of shorts! They are all high waisted, with intricate detailing and they fit like a treat. These green ones were my pick for the day and I can’t wait to show you the others.

After watching me cavort around in my shorts the family decided to trek into town for breakfast at the JAH- ROC Mill Gallery. JAH- ROC is an old flour mill which has been turned into an art gallery showcasing jewellery, wood furniture and art. It’s a beautiful building and when I lived in York I would often wander around the levels admiring the work; and now that my dad stocks his wood furniture at JAH-ROC I like the building even more! (The chair above is his)

My lovely weekend was complete when S surprised me with this darling rose ring he had purchased from the gallery. Hope you all had a good one!
April Rose

Friday, November 19

It’s a Panda.

Above are some shots from last night’s adventure. It turns out our new apartment is walking distance to a favourite pub of ours, so we took refuge from the ridiculous heat and went for a drink and a wander. I think i was trying to grab the camera from S in one picture... we also found a Panda. Im spending this weekend having picnics with a friend, meeting up with Jessie from The Velvet Bow to discuss a Perth blogger meet up, and driving down to York to see my family.
Have a great weekend every one!

April Rose


Tuesday, November 16

Extra Extra!

I have never studied before, when i was 18 i chose to travel around Australia instead of hitting the books like the rest of my friends. I have spent years steadily working my way up the corporate ladder, only to realise at age 23 (and a half ) that i hate working in an office. Last week i quit my job as a Personal Assistant and I start my Diploma in Specialised Makeup services in January. Yes I'm going to be a makeup artist.

So as I said in the last post, its time to get thrifty! Be prepared to see repeated outfits over here on April Rose because this lady is pinching pennies to pay for school, makeup and other supplies. I'm super excited about my change in careers and I'm also incredibly scared. I will be working freelance which means i need to be disciplined with my money and my time, a skill i am still learning to perfect. As scared as i am I'm also proud of myself for doing this. I am finally letting myself work towards my 'dream job' that job that won't pay much but will make me happy.

Hopefully this time next year i can really live out that corny old saying...

"Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

April Rose

Monday, November 15

Weekend Kits.

I recently went shopping for the first time since my New York trip, as S and I are on a tight budget at the moment and will be for at least another 6-7 months. Its all for a good cause but gosh it’s hard!

As you know ive been lusting after a pair of leather shorts for some time, but I can’t afford any thing over 100 dollars so that means I needed to find an alternative. I picked up these bad boys from a local chain store and after noticing a button was missing the sales assistance gave me a discount. It made my day and the shorts ended up costing twenty dollars!

Another item I have been searching high and low for is a bib necklace. All the necklaces I kept finding were covered in tacky jewels or were priced ridiculously high, so when I laid eyes on this one in William Topp, I had to have it. Bib necklaces seem to add that something extra to an otherwise plain outfit and I love how they could almost look like part of the shirt you choose to wear it with.

I’m pleased with both the items I picked up, as they are staple pieces that I know I will get a lot of use out of. I actually wore a different rendition of this outfit on Saturday as well, and I probably would have worn the pieces again today if I had my way. I suppose things need to be washed eventually…

April Rose

Wednesday, November 10

So Frenchy So Chic.


If you live in Perth and have 2 dollars please head down to Santé Fe on Tuesdays for two dollar taco night. Im talking proper, stuffed to the brim, good tacos. For two dollars. Im slightly embarrassed to say I didn’t know about this wonder until last night.

This is what I wore to eat said tacos. When I was getting dressed I pretended I was French (even though I was going for Mexican) this is because in my mind all French women wear stripes and cropped pants. These are the only black jeans I own as I have a terrible jean body consisting of short legs and no ass, which means jeans dont fit me properly. Im cuffing them not only to achieve the allusion of French style but also because even after cutting them they are still too long. My shirt is an old Kmart concoction and the tie and white button down are second hand.

Tacos ahoy!

Monday, November 8

An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away.

Hello there! Last week was a hard week for me; you know when you want to stay in the house and never leave? That was me. Saturday I didn’t leave the couch all day, until S told me he was taking me out for Thai and wine in an effort to bring me back to life. It worked and I feel inspired again! Pictures and happy thoughts will follow this week. Today I would like to share some happy snaps that were taken prior to my reclusive state. Along with a blurry shot of S and Mushy sleeping i have also included a sneaky peak into Little Gracie’s A/W line, just for you!

April Rose

Monday, November 1

Come Little Children.

Halloween is kind of bittersweet for me, a few years ago at a zombie filled party I was picked up by a random guy and unceremoniously dropped on my face, resulting in a fractured jaw and a broken front tooth. I love Halloween and i personally think im super good at dressing up but I can’t help to think back to that night and sigh a little about my tooth.

Any who this Halloween S and I decided last minuet to throw together outfits and head out to a party at the Shred Tavern. It was a good night with lots of our friends popping up, Bee was there as Katy Perry, S went as Where’s Wally (we didn’t have a hat, cane or glasses so I drew them on with eyeliner!) and I went as a Witch/Vampire/Scary Doll or whatever you make of it, I wore lots of makeup with huge false lashes and some scary looking Mimco tights. Yes we have a framed picture of Katy Perry in our house. Its S's pride and joy.

April Rose

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