Thursday, June 10

Thank you so much for your positive comments. I feel confident now to keep my blog name and use it with pride.
One thing i love about blogging is meeting and communicating with so many like minded people, and sometimes after reading a blog for a while i feel like i am almost friends with the author.

Admit it we have all feel this way... right? For me Keiko Lynn is one of those blogs.

This self titled blog is full of adorable pictures of Keiko and her clothing label Postlapsaria, her delightful kitties and dogs and her exciting life in NYC. When i realised that Kieko and i also shared a passion for Horses and were quite similar in temperament i officially thought we were kindred spirits. Then came the overwhelming feeling of being a strange stalker.

Is it strange to try and 'click' with people you have never met? I think so. When i was young i would have three penpals on the go.. forging friendships with kids on other sides of the world. i never thought that was creepy. Why is this any different?
After this little pep talk to myself i decided to email Keiko and explained that i was heading her way in July, she replied and was lovely. We may even be able to plan a catch up while I'm there.

I do still feel a tad strange and for all i know Keiko is scratching her head in New York, thinking who on earth is this chick. But hey we are putting our selves out here in the first place to do this. Right?

Bloggers unite! aha.
April Rose.

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