Tuesday, June 8

Change April Rose?

I was going to write a huge informative post about this but im struggling to find the words that don't offend others or seem too careless.
Google April Rose for me.
Ive done it and so far I've found a porn star, and a scam blog about a unborn child named April Rose.
I don't know how i feel about having my blogs name connected to this.
Id really appreciate some input from my readers and friends!


The Velvet Bow said...

Finding a blog name is definitely tricky. I know after I settled on my name I found other blogs called "Velvet Bows" "Black Velvet Bows" "The Velvet Bird" etc etc. Can be a little disheartening when you have found something you feel is unique and "speaks" you and your blog only to find it already taken or being misused elsewhere.

As your blog is fairly new you could probably get away with changing the name without doing too much damage. But I also think that it is a perfectly lovely name and you can forge a new meaning for it that people won't associate with a porn star or a baby scam.
And you know what? If you did get a new name chances are it would be being used elsewhere for something else already. That's the thing about the internet - everything is taken!!

I hope that inconclusive answer helps a bit and that you make a decision that you are happy with :)

The Velvet Bow

Fi said...

I don't think you need to change it. I think it is perfectly lovely and I wouldn't let it worry you that there are other "April Rose"'s. As Jess said, there are always going to be something the same or similar out there and I take it April Rose is your name, so it's yours to use.

April Rose said...

April is my Birth month and Rose is my middle name - ooo how sneaky of me!- so yes, it is personal. I am interested to read about the reactions and opinions of readers and so far im so pleased with how positive you are! Im going to sit on it until the weekend and make my choice then.
Jess you are right, everything is taken!

Vanessa said...

Aw. I really think it's okay having a blog name like that, I mean, I googled my actual name once and came up with a sports themed porn star, a drummer in New York and a model.

There is way too many people on the internet, and like Velvet Bow said, chances are that whatever you come up with, someone else already has it, too.

KittyCate said...

I had never heard of this hoax blog before reading your post today. I don't think there's any need to change it tbh.
Really loving your blog btw! x

WrenRennard said...

I think keep it - Its pretty and you've made it your own!

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