Wednesday, June 16


ahh Revlon. You really are an old faithful aren't you? I left my Bobbi Brown Brow pencil in York and this morning i couldn't stand being bare browed any longer so i ducked to my local chemist.
At 23 dollars it was half the price of Bobbi and i think just as good. Its waxy though were as Bobbi is chalky... Wax hold the brows down a bit better but its harder to apply?
 I went nuts with the illuminator at the end.. popped it on my top lip/cupids bow, brows and the inner corner of my eyes. Good Stuff!
Ive been thinking/fretting alot lately about what cosmetics i will take on the plane with me, i think its almost like a desert island scenario. I will post about it soon.
I'm interested to know what your desert island prods would be!

April Rose

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