Wednesday, June 16

I'm trying really hard to figure out Photobucket and the new formatting available through blogger. I want bigger pictures goddammit!
I suppose you can still click on them for a closer look at my mug.
Any ways this is me and S at the Mundaring Weir the other weekend. It was fun.
I used to go there when i was a wee tike and go camping.
I am wearing a pom pom on my head. One day an old lady came up to me and said she thought it was adorable.  Also this is Mushy drooling. He drools all over himself when we pat him.
Gross huh.

April Rose


WrenRennard said...

Oh wow - Blue sky..... How I miss!

April Rose said...

Its always freaking Blue here.
I would actually enjoy some dark rainy weather once in a while! Im trying out a new template tonight and ill stretch my layout like you suggested. Fingers crossed!

The Velvet Bow said...

Cuuute kitty!

x Jess

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