Wednesday, June 2

Hurry up

I really need a tripod. I feel so self consious when S takes my pics. I think it shows!
I think if you click on my pics they get bigger? Bigger pictures would be nice.
My best lady friend Tenille gave me this Second hand Blazer before she left me for the UK. Its double breasted and i love it.
April Rose


Jess said...

I have exactly the same problem. And photo sessions with my bf usually end in me yelling at him over his poor photo composition haha. Poor guy.

Love the blazer!

The Velvet Bow

April Rose said...

aha I yell too! Also because i am way shorter than him i always look strange. Your pics are always beautiful!

Abby said...

looking pretty pretty lady!
fantastic blazer!

I need to invest in a tripod too....also feel self conscious when my boy takes a pic, he makes me feel ridiculous!


April Rose said...

Boys are just silly. Abby i love your blog makeover!

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