Wednesday, June 16


My big pictures worked!
That is call for a celebratory jump through the leaves.

April Rose.

P.S. please let me know if they upload ok. the first pic is a tad fuz but i can live with that.


WrenRennard said...

Haha well done! Pics look great!

The Velvet Bow said...

Such a pretty street! Is this Money St in Northbridge or somewhere else?

x Jess

April Rose said...

ooo well spotted Jess, its Monger street, just off Money! i work around there you see. Twas the highlight of my day getting this layout sorted haha.

Cotton Socks said...

awesome photos!!
i love autumn leaves and jump shots!

as for qantas, you can take whatever food you like on the plane, you just cant take it off when you arrive in the us. ( unless its things like candy and chips. thats fine)
once i got subway a the airport and took that on the plane and ate it.
i think on the flight to LA you get an overnight pack that has
an apple

i think taking some nuts or things like that is a good idea too.

April Rose said...

Wowzers thanks Cotton Socks!
I usually have random snacks with me at all times, nuts and fruit etc just in case there isnt a meat free option.
Im flying with American Airways once i leave Tokyo, i hope the food is good!
I will take pics and winge if it isnt. aha.

♥Lola said...

Love your photos! The second one is gorgeous :)

pepperandbaxter said...

So so cute!!!! Love it!

Amy Antlers said...

Cute photos! I love jumping shots :) Lucky you, getting those lovely autumn leaves to play in.

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