Saturday, June 26

True Story.

Once upon a time there was a little cafe in the heart of Perth city. 
The cafe was charming, the coffee amazing and the furniture was mismatched. 
One day, an evil spell was cast over the cafe, and it turned the owner into a money hungry woman who, in turn, changed the cafe for the worst. Gone were the friendly staff who knew you by name and gone was the friendly overlook of the cafe. 
In its place was a pretentious overbearing place, which sucks the life out of all who enter. 
The owner became nasty and attacked her customers and she introduced a mind boggling table order system which upset and confused its patrons.
As time went by all who knew and loved the cafe had given up hope for their beloved place and let it be. The cafe now stands shiny and mean, ready for all those who dare enter to empty their wallets and souls. April Rose has given up on her beloved cafe and pines for the happier days.


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