Monday, June 21

Nosey Parker

Thought i might do a whats in your bag post, seeing as if i enjoy reading them myself.
My Bag is the Marc Jacobs Turn lock. Contents are surprisingly minimal... especially as i tend to carry my life around with me.
Did every one have a great weekend? I think i had too much of a good time and ended up falling "asleep" with the cat. haha.

April Rose.


WrenRennard said...

Haha I just love that cat!!
And the bag of course :)

Amy Antlers said...

Mawww, what a cute pic. Nice bag too!

April Rose said...

I think he is so so weird. He deserves his own blog!

juznie said...

aww that picture with you and your cat sleeping is too adorable! Lovely bag too :)

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