Friday, June 11

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, Pre - Spring pics have been released
Unlucky for moi items aren't available until December. I had dreams of prancing over to OC when in New York, prancing to the change rooms and then prancing around in these EXACT OUTFITS.But now i will have to settle for trawling the op shops in hope of creating my own cheaper versions before i head off.In other news, here is an adorable picture of S and Mushy sleeping. Yes they spoon every night. allll night.
April Rose


WrenRennard said...

Hey hun thanks for the comment on my blog!
I ended up getting my pics bigger by changing my layout to 'stretch' or something like that...And if you go to settings they have a new editor which means you can play around with your photos more! So you just have to apply it :)
Hello Kitteh! So cute

Cotton Socks said...

thanks for your tip on velvet for coffee! it was close to where i was staying and saved me!
i preferred their coffee to tiger tiger. i thought tiger tiger was nice but v frothy.
im going to go to the bar in wolfe lane next time im in perth.
looks cool!
thanks again :)

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