Tuesday, June 29

O im feeling a tad forlorn

I miss my friends who now live overseas
I miss my nose ring
I miss my fringe
I miss Amplifier before it became over run by scum
I miss being able to feel my toes and fingers


Amy Antlers said...

Aww, hugs. I can sympathise with you on the nose ring - I took mine out a few weeks ago and it's TOTALLY closed up. Nothing's getting back in there :( I had it for five years!

The Velvet Bow said...

I love your nose ring! I've always wanted one but my sister got in first :(

Also I have the exact same feeling about amps. It used to hold so much magic on a Friday night but now the new crowd have settled in and everyone wants to be "indie". So sad. I tried going back a few months ago to try to re-live the fantasy but I only became more disillusioned.

tenille_richardson said...

aww that post brought a tear to my faraway eye! i was reminiscing to myself the other day about certain times...xox

April Rose said...

amy - i still pine for my stud unfortunatly work doesnt allow it. I always felt so tough with a ring in!

Jessie - I went back about 3 months ago and left after 15 mins. Waited an hour and a half in line too. If only we could back to 07!!

Teeeennniiiilllleeeee im sad, come home already.

Coco said...

Can I just say that that zebra jumper is frickin amazing!!

April Rose said...

yay! its pretty neat coco. Love your blog!

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