Thursday, May 20

Get your creep on

I like blogs that have lots of pictures, i think it may be because im a bit of a nosy parker and a good stalk never hurt any one. I mean isnt that what facebook is for?

These are pics of the last few events we have had this year. My friends have seen all of these so they will find this super boring but meh i don't mind. I miss my lighter hair. I was going for a Alexa Chung, Balyeage look which was very wearable buuutt it killed my ends.
The food pics are from the Rosemount. We live down the road and it does really good vegetarian nachos and apparently the best beef burger around, its called the Ranch Burger and the boys go nuts for it.
My mum and dad have a little farm in York, we are going there this weekend, My brother and BF ( lets call him 'S' its easier and i feel rude calling him the boy/man/guy/BF/buddy) were walking to get Yabbys from the dam in that picture.
Isn't S pretty? He has lots of nice clothes and he outdresses me all. the. time.
April Rose

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