Tuesday, May 25

One of my favourite blogs Jeremy and Kathleen.
Kathleen posts beautiful pictures of her home that her and Jeremy have lovingly renovated and regularly updates with Vegetarian recipes, pictures of her two cats, her design work and shots of her very cool life. Blogs like this make me want to bake and paint. Oh and by a house.
Just because i dont want Boots to steal all the attention, here is Mushy falling asleep in front of Friends. He has such good taste in TV.

April Rose


J and K said...

What a sweet post! And Mushy is one handsome man. Boots has a run for his money right there.


April Rose said...

Naw thanks Kathleen, I have serious life envy when i read your posts, ive been following your blog for quite some time now. good luck with the new career ventures on the horizon!

April Rose

WrenRennard said...

Thanks for sharing this! I LOVE it and am now following :):):)
Especially since my fiance and I are planning to renovate our house soon!!
Follow me back if u like !! <3

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