Friday, May 28

Dry Poo

No i haven't gone grey. stop panicking. I've been meaning to do a dry shampoo post for a while but i figured every one knows about it. Then the other day a lady at work was complaining about her rank end of the week hair - sorry lady at work but it WAS rank- and i said "did you run out of dry poo?" I was horrified when when she told me she had no idea what i was talking about?!
So now im doing a dry poo 101 for all you ladies that have no idea how to use the poo or when to use it.
My favy is
Klorane. Its an old favy and most peeps use it. 12 - 14 bucks from most chemists and priceline. As i have dark hair you can see the dry poo when you first spray it in - DON'T PANIC Just spray all over (lift the hair up in pieces dont just spray on top). sit. let it absorb. read the paper. watch Sunrise. Then either brush your hair or rub it until the white is gone and your hair resembles normal non rank hair.

Next up is Bastiste i dont mind this one but im still stickin to my Klorane. Bastiste do a Dry Poo for Brunettes though which is a win if you are scared of the grey look. They also smell a bit prettier than the Klorane one.

About two years ago Klorane was it for us Aussies but now the list is humungo, Lee Preston, Toni & Guy, Klorane, Bastiste, RPR... You now have no reason to leave the house with 'i just worked out for two hours, im sick, its the end of th week, i cant be bothered, i got caught in the rain' hair.

April Rose



Jess said...

I just bought the Bastiste Brunette dry shampoo and I have to say that Klorane is MUCH better. I find that Bastiste Brunette still shows up in my hair and the can doesn't seem to last very long. I'll remember to get Klorane next time! Such a lifesaver (or hairsaver?).


Fi said...

There is a new one at priceline that is only $4.99. Don't even bother with it. I agree that Klorene is the way to go although sometimes I find it hard to pay the $$. This cheap version has taught me though, it doesn't work and leaves my hair feeling wet.

onika said...

toni and guy is my fave!! tried bastise and klorane but hated the smells and whatnot... but toni and guy smells pretty and works for me :)
i am a grot but i have gone 18 days without washing my hair before and it looked and smelt like regular washed hair.
but yes i am a grot
i can't believe i jsut admited that on the interwebs
don't worry i showered everyday but my hair is reaalllly long and thick and time consuming and sometimes i just can't be fegggged???? ya get me?
anyways i'm bailing... hahaha me and my grotty mane xx

April Rose said...

eeewww i do hate that unwashed smell that klorane doesnt really cover, i usually take it as a sign to finally do something about it!

Haha how rank are we? Next ill be talking about how hairy i get in winter...

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