Sunday, May 30

An assortment of pics from this weekend. That's how mushy likes to sit when i try and use the laptop. Any silly mistakes are his fault. Had drinks at 399 Friday night wearing my favourite 'picnic rug vest' its warm and has tassels so i like it. Underneath i wore my slashed,poofy sleeved gauzy blouse. amazing. A shot of the Revlon Fuchsia lippy which as you should know by now i worship and my go to outfit for lazy days - Second hand Striped maxi dress, ASOS leather jacket and AA grey sweatshirt.
Was in Joondalup for a while on Sat and found this black dress at the local opshop. I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! It has an asymmetrical hem with gathering and exposed zips and is comfortable and i love it and i will wear it way to much over the next few weeks oh yes indeed!! I was trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather to show you the drapey goodness of the dress and i got distracted by musball. Oh he is toooooceeeeute!
Tonight we are meeting a friend for pizza and drinkies.
Hope every one had a marvellous weekend.

April Rose


onika said...

lips look great!
ha that sounds so creepyy... well you get me!
love the photo with the cat outside haha it reminds me of some yoga buddah poze thing... anyways.... back to my dirty hair i go...

April Rose said...

aha it looks like we are making out. We arent of course because that would be illegal and gross. I see you got your About a girl purchases, they look good!

WrenRennard said...

Hi I just started following your blog today!
Your kitty is soooo cute - I have 3!!


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