Wednesday, May 19

Slap it on!

Morning! I'm on fire today, two posts in one morning? Yeah! I just have so much to tell you all (assuming there are people out there reading this!)
I mentioned before that i have dry temperamental skin and in the past i actually never wore foundation, just a small amount of concealer and blush. This was because i thought foundation looked terrible on my skin. It sat on top of the skin rather than absorbing into it. It also highlighted any dry patches i may have had at the time - I'm painting a pretty picture aren't i!?
I know now that this was because i didn't have a clear smooth canvas to apply my foundation onto, therefore the foundation couldn't do its job! To achieve this base is simple and these are the products i use to get it.
After washing my face (always wash in the morning as well ladies!) i apply my usual Kosmea moisturiser. Then i apply Natio 'Glow' all over. Glow is a skin brightening balm which aims to even out skin tone. I have freckles from years in the sun as a child and i also have fair skin which can look a bit flushed at times. Ive been using this for just over a month now and i can see results. My skin is clear and even. Its wonderful under foundation as it helps the absorption and makes my skin looks soft and moist. On good days i will just use this baby as a primer and nothing else.
On bad days though, i need some more help. That's when i roll out my L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer. This stuff is like spack filler!! When I'm really tired/hungover/sick/generally feeling crap this is a miracle. You only need a small amount on your ring finger then dab dab dab where needed. I like to apply around the eyes, around the nose and wherever there is a dry spot. It goes on matte and very very satiny smooth... just wait a tic for it to sink in then pop your foundy over the top. Ta daaaahhh! smooth, soft, pore less base once more. Its even good around the eyes towards the end of the day as a pick me up over the top of your foundation.
If i really need it ill use some Napolean Perdis Auto Pilot Primer as well but thats pretty much all i need to establish a base for my foundation. All these products will not only help you get the most out of your foundation but they will also help you have an even skin tone and tighter pores. Win!

April Rose

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