Sunday, May 16

ASOS Leather jacket, Wittner flats, Vintage Bag, Bonds pants and Vintage top.

This weekend has been fuuuun. I spent all Saturday morning trying to find a fur coat that wasn't size 14 or 600 Dollars. Winifred and Bance was my last stop and i purchased a dark fur cape that made me feel like a member of the Mafia.

That night we frolicked around town, visiting various bars and trying to not to freeze to death.
I wore my Sass and Bide rats, fur coat and black boots.
On Sundays we like to go get coffee, eggs and flowers. Tonight is Vampire Weekend!

April Rose



Anika said...

Oooh, so exciting reading a Perth blogger's site. I know the places, love Ezra Pound!

And fab coat. Nay to 600 dollar ones! Pfffft.

I'm loving your new fur coat. Ooh, and the lovely bow turban-esque thingy :)

Winifred and Bance, you say? Where are they?

April Rose said...
In Mount Lawley opposite Bunnings!

Im so lame but im super excited to have my first comment, i love your blog. Hopefully i can keep this up, but i dont have the committment you do!

Carly Findlay said...

Ok, so I love that you have done blog featuring how to wear the stylish Bonds trackies. Thank you, now I can make an informed decision to purchase them. I was wondering how one would style them.

April Rose said...

Hey Carly! i think ive spoken with you on the Vogue forums before?
hmm i like to wear them with a structured top half, you know to balance out the bottom?

A blazer or a top with shoulder pads could do the trick! Also if all else fails, a pair of heels never go astray!

Hope that helps.

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