Tuesday, May 25


EEEEEEK!! how scary does she look here!? Geez Louise when was that ever in fashion?? Why is she RED? And where the hell are her eyebrows?

Thankgod she woke up one morning and actually looked in the mirror. Victoria now brings us pretty new hair updates every few months and with this new look she is so so... soft. I never thought id say that!
I love love love love love this new hair. Wasn't so keen on the shorter layered look that she was rocking a few months ago but this mid length shaggy semi curly look is on point. Note the soft highlights towards the ends?? It suits her skin tone so well and gives the hair some dimension. Argh growing your hair is hard when pics like this pop up!

April Rose

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sallyannie☆ said...

Ohwow her new hair is pretty! I know what you mean about wanting to cut hair short, though! However, whenever I see cute hairstyles like this, I just think back to last time I had short hair - I looked like a boy. A fat boy, to boot :(

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