Sunday, May 23

I was meant to write a post about how i went to visit my Family in York and stayed on their hobby farm over the weekend. Buuuuttt as you can see S decided we should spend some time in the local hospital instead.

We did go to York and we did stay on the farm (cue cute doc pic) but S fell ill half way through our visit and ended needing a jab in the bum to ease his tummy. Poor boy.

In other non vomity news, i bought some bronzer.Nars Laguna to be precise and I do like it allot.
Like a silly duffer i had previously avoided this bronzer as i thought the slight shimmer would look terrible on my skin.WRONG. its such a soft, luminous shade and I've had fun wearing it to hospitals and farms and to dinner; that's how good it is, you can use it for any occasion. It also looks smashing with my new Fuchsia lipstick.

April Rose


onika said...

hope the boy is ok!! hospitals are ick!

April Rose said...

Naaaww he is still a little sick the poor thing, but im taking care of him! Thanks for the shout out in your post m'dear i appreciate it!

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