Monday, August 9

PHEW! What a weekend. Was yours good?
My oldest friend had a little girl on Sunday, welcome to the world Skye Rose!
I cant wait to take her on shopping trips, teach her how to ride a horse and help her bake cupcakes. Her mum and i grew up together in the country and would spend hours horse riding and laying on the grass daydreaming about how cool we would be when we grew up haha.

During the 21st on Saturday we had a little mishap with the camera so until it gets fixed all my pictures will be taken on the Blackberry, creating a beautiful grainy effect. 
Just before i go, here is me doing something weird. Showing off my blue nails i think? Yeah.

April Rose


The Velvet Bow said...

Aw she is precious!
Loving the shoes too in the second pic, they aren't JC's are they?

Linda said...

Skye Rose is beautiful! It's so wonderful when your close friends have babies - you get all the fun stuff without the sleepless nights :)

The second photo is hilariously awesome.

April Rose said...

Jessie, they were actually from a little store in leederville, Hunter. Its amazing you must check it out and tell me what you think!

Linda, i LOVE my friends children... but not 100% sure if i could handle my own. im too self involved!! haha

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