Tuesday, August 24

Sean the sheep

S and i have an application pending for a new rental at the moment, and so i don't wait anxiously by the phone and check my email every 2 minuets i have been distracting myself with sheepskin throws. I grew up with a sheepskin placed haphazardly over the couch at my parents home, i used to fight over it with my brother and sister because the winner could lay on it in front of the wood fire. 

S cant stand them, and i think when i say sheepskin rug he thinks of a hairy man wearing gold chains holding a glass of red . But after a lengthy discussion involving me begging, i get to buy one for our new home. I told S i would do a blog post justifying how pretty my throw will look in our new house, so here are some shots which were found on Apartment Therapy and my favourite blog Jeremy and Kathleen. Now please excuse me, I'm off to check my email again! 

April Rose 


The Velvet Bow said...

That cat looks exactly like my kitty Daphne! You should get a Devon Rex, their fur feesl just like sheepskin!

WrenRennard said...

Yes I love!! Definitely get one :) Jeremy and Kathleen are great x

April Rose said...

Eeep i googled Devon Rex's and i think they scare me!!

I think Kathleen has created my dream home. Every time i move house i get a little bit closer to emulating her haha

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