Tuesday, August 31

Popsicle - A delight in more ways than one

Not long guys! If you are a Perth resident make sure you pen Popsicle into your diaries. 
My work is sponsoring this event and my friend Ebony, who I've blogged about before is one of the designers featured. Unfortunately i wont be able to spend much time down at the Cultural Centre as i will be busy moving house, but i am looking forward to my fellow bloggers covering the event! 
I will be taking a blogging hiatus for the next 3 weeks, just until i am settled in my new apartment.
I cant think about any thing else right now... IKEA, Interior Design Mags and new LCD TV's are plaguing my mind. Adios! and ill see you all soon. 

April Rose


Kim - Neon Blonde said...

Well it was kinda lovely to meet you briefly :D even though it sounded here like you werent going! I'll keep ontop of your blog now been reading for the past half hour or so :D

April Rose said...

haha oh dear i wish i met you at the START of the night rather than the end!

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