Saturday, August 14

Life without a camera is TOUGH. Ive had to make the last few photos i took before it broke last days. DAYS i tell you. The camera man said it will take three weeks to fix and "wont be very aesthetically pleasing" as long as it still makes me aesthetically pleasing, i don't mind. 
 Here is the very last picture taken. About two seconds after this self indulgent prance in front of a friends bathroom mirror, the camera met the floor.

 Isn't S's bow tie cute? I look like i have a birds nest on my head.

Mother dearest is in Victoria at the moment, visiting her brother (haaaiiii Bruce!) and her sisters (haaiiii Susan and Julie!) Its a surprise for Julie as she just had a babeh. Don't worry mum, she wont see this. I'm sure she is bypassing my blog at the moment to do mothery things with the child. Humph. 

Well Because i have no way of taking new pics, you will all have to suffer and look at MORE pictures of New York. Soooorrryyyy!! Tune out now if you are sick of seeing New York on here.
Below is "The first hot dog in New York" from Nathans at Coney Island. Nice huh. 
Next pic is S eating White Castle. Love the movie hate the food. 
They steam cook their burgers...

MAMMOTH Drumstick and a little Sailor Play suit, very apt as we were buy the sea.

HBO Movies at Bryant Park on Monday nights. It poured down about 5 min after this was taken.
The girl on the right in Pink was super annoying.

Last but not least (as i have a few hundred more to bore you with, another time) here is S and i. 
Have a great weekend every one!

April Rose


The Velvet Bow said...

You two look like you could have stepped right out of Gossip Girl, so well dressed!

Looking forward to more NY pics, looks like you had a dreamy time :)

April Rose said...

sigh... GG if only. Good luck tomorrow!


Sushi said...

That sailor top/romper is adorable! Is it the one from UO? I'm still trying to decide whether to get this or not x Sushi

P.S. As you may already know, I've entered the Miss Shop Style Off competition, and it would be an absolute dream to win! I'm asking my lovely blog friends/followers to show their support by voting for me :)

If you could spare a minute, please register here, then click the 'vote for me now' button on my profile page. To validate your vote you also need to click the link in the confirmation email Miss Shop will send you. Thanks so much hon!

harbourmaster said...

Sailor playsuit = adorable. That Coney Island hotdog looks freakin awesome.

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