Friday, August 6

Its fffffffrriiiddaaayyy!
My first week back at work is nearly over, and i have a mammoth weekend full of birthdays and babies ahead of me. S is home sick the poor thing, i think jetting around the world may have worn him out. The first birthday i have to celebrate is my good friends 21st.

Every one say "Happy Birthday!" to Ebony.

 Naaawww Isn't she purty? Something just as pretty, is her clothing label 'Little Gracie'

Little Gracie is a beautiful collection of ruffles and pastel which seem to have been made for a spring wedding or a lazy picnic in the sun.
Ebony’s delightful personality shines through in all her pieces and she has often passed on a coffee with me so that she can that lovingly hand sew each dress!

Ebony has been featured in multiple articles showcasing Perth Design and has also been involved with the Perth Fashion Festival for two years running.

Little Gracie is available online from Fashion WA and you can also visit her on her website. 

Happy Birthday Little Miss!! 

 April Rose


WrenRennard said...

Just looked at the collection - BEAUTIFUL!
I love it.
I'm liking the entire site as well :)

April Rose said...

Its super pretty huh. she wears all her pieces too and i always die with Jealousy!

Jadegrrrl said...

Gorgeous clothes!!! And happy birthday to your friend, my sister's name is Ebony :)

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