Tuesday, August 17

I don't smell bad but i love dousing myself in so much scent that you wouldn't be able to tell other wise.
I go through a bottle of perfume every 5-6 months and i think that's perfectly reasonable thankyouverymuch. If you are like me at all, run down to Mariposa  in Mount Lawley for all things pongy. They import from France and stock organic Australian products. My buys from Mariposa included the Rose Essence hand cream, it matches my Chloe perfectly and it stinks. Also the Glass house candles. These candles are heeuuggee and for 35 dollars they a bargin.

Oh and before i go, Blogger is doing my freaking head in. My header is shit and annoying me. My post formats are inconstant. My layout is all over the shop. gah. i give up - Mediocre April Rose it is!

April Rose


Girl Friday said...

Hey mediocre April Rose,

(I think your blog is great! and not at all poorly formatted!)

I'm loving Mariposa! what a great blog post mmm I can smell it now...


onika said...

i love glasshouse candles!!! my mum has them in her shop they're the best!! i think your blog is fab - not mediocre at all xx

April Rose said...

shucks you two!

The Velvet Bow said...

Before I read this post I was just about to comment on how I love the new header!

I know how you feel about formatting though, I am obsessive about the size of my photos all being the same. It often gets the better of me!

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