Sunday, August 22

I do.

Aren't weddings fun? My friend Chris got married last night to his beloved, Sophie. 
We all ran amok and at the end of the night i grabbed a sneaky bottle of wine for the trip home and also managed to catch the bouquet.
Girl Friday was there in a delightful peach number with black wedge boots that i was eyeing off all night. My dress is from Opening Ceremony and my heels are DVF. I bought some long lasting, cream eye shadow from Bobbi Brown for the wedding and yes, it is super long lasting. 
I suggest you get some if you find your shadow creasing at the end of a big day.

Oh and Im glad you all like my new header, those Chanel stockings are amazing arent they. 
April Rose


The Velvet Bow said...

Lovinggg the balliage. I need to talk to you about the place you get yours done as I want to take the plunge. I'm thinking quite a light version.

Also on a totally unrelated note, did you hear Primped isn't including Perth in the latest cookbook instores?! We should petition!

April Rose said...

I got half way through signing up for it and realised there wasnt a perth slot. VERY annoyed! Could be because Yaz is doing it not Zoe?

I wanted my ends to be a bit lighter than they are now but they said if you colour regularly the bleach doesnt take as well, which is why mine is an orangy colour? I think thats why Zoe waited until all her colour had grown out before she got done again. ANYWAY this is really long haha so ill get to the point, i go to Sheer in West Perth, give them a crack!

Girl Friday said...

Great post!

What a beautiful night xx

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