Sunday, December 19

Gorgeous Cosmetics.

This is where all my money is going lately. I'm in the process of stocking my kit and making sure my equipment is up to scratch before i start working full time as a makeup artist. Previously when i had jobs and clients i would use my own brush set that i had pieced together over the years. It was adequate but I wanted to purchase a brush roll that was an investment and would last me years. Georgia from The Glamorous Life recommended this Gorgeous Cosmetics roll to me and after a few emails back and forth and the help of the delightful Karla from the Gorgeous counter, the roll is mine. It’s a 23 piece professional roll and the brushes are made from sable. The brushes are light weight and the hair is ridiculously soft. I’m very pleased!

Another new addition to my kit was this rather large MAC haul that I ordered in from the states, using a parcel forwarding service, Parcel it on. Parcel it on were amazing and I definitely recommend using their services! Within the MAC haul are a few primers and setters, my favourite highlighter in the shade ‘Hush’, a powder and mascara.

If you have any questions about the forwarding and purchasing service let me know, or you could just contact the girls from Parcel it on, they are lovely and their website is very informative.

April Rose


Jadegrrrl said...

So exciting *eeep* can't wait to see more of of your makeup related posts :D

Annette @ Wellness WA said...

Oh lovely, I had no idea you were going to be a make-up artist!

Send me an email and let me know more, I might be able to help out with getting you some exposure etc! xoxox

Frou Frou said...

How exciting! All the best with your new career venture.

Tea said...

How exciting! A MUA friend uses Gorgeous brushes and, after feeling them on my face often, they are really nice.

April Rose said...

YAY! It is exciting, the brushes are great you can really see the difference when applying makeup.

Annette, Ive been doing it in my own time as i love applying makeup and Im taking on full time study next year and freelancing afterwards. My last week in my office is coming up EEP! I would love any networking help you can offer!

Tea, i washed them today for the first time and they are still so soft which was a relief!

Sarah Bahbah said...

I love mac!

Annette @ Wellness WA said...

I want you to do my makeup!!! :)

Yours always looks GREAT!

Jes said...

EeEpp LOVE buying new cosmetics, But then i find myself frustrated as I never have that flawless looking face I'm so desperatly trying to recreate.

Save much dollar from ordering via staes rather than retail hun??

All the best of luck with the new career choice in 2011 hun. I;m hoping for a few changes this coming year :)

April Rose said...

@ Jes you save sooo much ordering online! even with the exchange rate, the postage forwarding fees and the postage fees i saved over 100 dollars.

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